Wednesday , May 18 2022

Video "Stories – The Last Broadcast | Official Gameplay Trailer"


Decision This is my battle. 21/11/2014:

This war is a picture of the atmosphere at war with the oppression of war and from the perspective of the viewer in whose home he is headquarted. There are no world seamers who are shooting a shiny, high-flying flying heroes or a call of duty on this protest. It is unclear what the fight is. Because it does not matter: it's quite a surprise. A battlefield sponsored by Homes, Donetsk or Cobain is a repetition battle against hunger, disease, loneliness, and despair every day. Every night, a dangerous search for the ruins of civilization. 11 Butt Studios show the dark parts of the uncompromising and uncompromising war. These conflicts show cruelty of the suffering and the trauma that each one leaves from the soul of the escaped ones. I have my decisions in credit. My moral loss, the fear I brought to others, the hope I had given. Apart from bravery and boredom, this war is a peaceful encounter in the war. What an awesome achievement.

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