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VW: e-car and job for EMADE and Hannover | – News – Lower Saxony

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VW staff in Emden and VW in VW commercial vehicles in Hanover A good message to employees: Provided regular permanent employment guarantee to regular employees on Wednesday 2028. The NDW1 neddersenen reportedly reported this incident to the corporation meeting at Emend. At the same time, the VW plant has been replaced by osteoarthritol into electric current within the next three years. Production of pass. In addition to the traditional work from 2022 onward, an electric buli will be manufactured. The supervisory board has decided to decide on Friday plans.

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By 2022, WWE Production completion will be completed

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Only in the year 2022 at Emmw VW. 500 workers should leave the site and the rest of them will be guaranteed employment up to 2028.

VW Welcome to the development of the development

The issue was announced in Parliament. Prime Minister Stephen Veil talked about parliament. "The state government welcomes the Board and the Council's agreement," said Wei. "Structural changes will not wait, but are designed, and we are pleased that the sites are a clear protection." CDU Party leader Marika Wolf said: "What we want, we want to remain a mobile nation in the low saxony, social associations and staff."



On November 14, Prime Minister Stephen Wael will announce about the changes in car manufacturers VW, while recording livestream in the parliamentary debate.
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Opposition to the state government

The opposition also welcomes these projects. "The transition to electrobombity is only happy at home," said Anja Paill, Group Lead member of Greens. "You can see clearly that there is no contradiction between moving to safety and mobility." Lower Saxony, the largest employer in Nodershaus, is a 20 per cent shareholder.

Some of the employees for the production of electric cars

The future of the Emden small electric cars was 20,000 euros less. The first models should be 2022 from the tape. The worker's performance is even more dangerous as it is only necessary for building construction. "Construction of electric vehicles involves fewer production steps, we need less human resource," HR Director Gunner Kilan said. This difference is "partially arranged socially and socially with the demographic curve of retirement," said Kalin. The temporary release of 500 employees at Porsche in Safhen Haausen, Ludwigburg and Sachsheim, and at VidBlu's Kausal Plant for fixed time contracts.



Lower Saxony 18.00


Lower Saxony 18.00

The passage is being transported to an electric car, and whose product needs adequate staff. What does it mean for jobs? We got information at a company meeting.
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E-mobility must secure the future

Under the plans of the group at Lower Saxony, the second e-mobility center of the square will be made with Emden and Hanover. The alignment of these three sites is the biggest alliance in Europe to build electric vehicles. The Manfred Wolf seems to have made the deal a big success. "Automotive industry and Volkswagen are facing the biggest change in their history," said the chairman of the Edward Plant Nutrient Council. "The guarantee of the employer until 2028 gives our colleagues and the safety of their families and entry into the electric mobility is a definite future outlook."

Short-term activities of 30 days were completed in 2019

This plant is blowing from the sale of pasatas. It is expected that at the end of December this year, 251,000 passports will be manufactured. But only 229,000 models were revealed. Parts of the worker are already VW. Subsidiary Porsche has been transported to Spartagart. as well as The short-term and closing days on the Edgar plant are no longer a slander. The short time job begins in 30 days by 2019.

More information

Volkswagen is planning a small electric car at 20,000 euros. The plant in Emden to build this material from 2022. VW wants to contest Tesla. (11.12.2018)

For four decades Volkswagen used a successful Passat model. Family car was built in America and Asia too. Now the production will end. (08.11.2018)

VW does not want to build in Emanad in 2022. Plant e-cars can be a new place. Possible projects are planned in the State Chancellery. (06.11.2018)

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