Saturday , February 27 2021

WhatsApp: Right-wing extremists use sticker feature for Nazi symbiosis

App now introduced a new sticker function, which has already been abused: The EUBUBUB forum has been revealed on Twitter, as the right-hand group chats are shared with country symbolism.

Messenger Apps Whatsapp Announced at the end of October, Sticker Action Introduction. Function has been established for some messaging, such as face messenger and telegram. The Facebook subsystem creates stickers and offers third parties with stickers' own ideas. Stickers can be uploaded from any provider of apps, through a special app.

Right-wing extremists embrace it: They share sticker with unauthorized symbols of group chats repository, SS runs, Adolf Hitler, and concentration camps. "How can I prevent this?" The YouTube Forest Ask asked me to interact with Twitter on Twitter.

App-Semitic stickers asvikaryamalla, but apps do not need them, and we strongly condemn this hatred, "a spokesman watt" build "the newspaper said of the app. So, the user will be asked to report on the srrikkarukale illegal content, so that you can act against a company -" they were sent to accounts To tayunnat ".

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