Sunday , August 7 2022

Where is the presentor Florian Sylvarez?


Bambi was awarded 70 th time in Berlin on Friday evening. Mark Besar and Sebastian Coach have been successful. However, only one question was given in the award ceremony: Why the Kai Plymouth is hosting this event?

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He announced as the host of the Baba Awards. After a few minutes the Florian Silbarians went back. Helen Fischer went on a friend after the trip.

Without wishes, the anchor suddenly went "suddenly enough", and suddenly there was a piece of pufflime. In Twitter, the first viewers were confused. "Where Is Fluorine Silbrensen?" Requires a user. No one else can ever say about the world: "Where is the ripe fruit fly? Where is Victoria Sravlesky? Where's the Florian Sullberce? Barbara Shaunberger?"

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One of the most interesting tweets about missing tripping trips

ARD Bring light to darkness. Accordingly, the Florian Silbarsen's entire show was not intended. Florian Syllabus receives welcome, the more moderation will be borne by the rest of the others ", the first announcement by Twitter.

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