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Why intensive cell phones can be used to cause carpal tunnel syndrome?

Intensive use of smartphones promotes nerve obstruction in the wrist with potentially painful numbness, the so-called carpal tunnel syndrome (KTS). This is confirmed by the current study in Asia. "The movements in the wrists strengthen the KTS, it is well known," Professor Dr .. Med. Helmut Buchner in a press release from the German Society for Clinical Neurophysiology and Functional Imaging (DGKN). Anyone who often experiences tingling in the second and third fingers should consult a neurologist. For pregnant women, local cortisone injection is especially suitable for therapy.

How do you experience carpal tunnel complaints?

Long-time doctors have known that intensive manual work can lead to discomfort of the carpal tunnel. "About KTS is considered a professional disease for butchers," Buchner says. "The rotating motion of the wrist with a knife promotes nerve-boatening." This also applies to intensive weaving or cleaning, which constantly cuts out Wsche. "In that sense, it is plausible that a dramatic increase in the use of smartphones and computer keyboards could stimulate KTS, even though this has been proven so far by Asian studies," the neurologist explains. "I don't see any reason why it should be so different with us."

Women are often more affected than men

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a nerve that presses under pressure, passing through a narrow point through the wrist. The cause is usually a swelling that results from stressful movements, through nocturnal sleeping with a stiff wrist, weight gain or by hormonal effects such as pregnancy and menopause. "Women are affected three to four times more than men," Buchner explains. "Because of their menstrual cycle, swelling can be easy." Swelling often leads to inflammation, which in turn can produce scars, which further impair blood circulation and promote swelling.

What are the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome?

The first three finger tips are swinging from the thumb to the middle finger. "The thunderstorms feel lightning and burning," Buchner says. Shaking one's hand, the sensation often disappears. On the forefront of the pain, the hands can also be pulled at night. "Ultimately, stiffness can lead to permanent numbness and musculature on the limbs of the affected hand," said Buchner, a DGKN specialist who works in the Department of Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology at Knappsfjકનrkkenhussel Ricklinghausen.

To clarify whether KTS is present, the neurologist first asks history and complaints. Then there are usually two simple tests to follow. During the flannel test, the patient presses the palms together as he or she prays and at the same time bend the wrist at an angle of 90 degrees. "This attitude will provoke you to conciliation," Buchner explains. "If there is no sensation of soreness after two minutes, there is no KTS." In the Hoffman-Tinel sign, Dr. Cutter taps the middle nerve inside his wrist with his finger. If these finger veins lead to tingling, this is a sign of KTS.

The clear statement allows for electrical diagnosis, electroniography. "With lightening pulses, we measure how much time is needed to stimulate the central nerve," says Buchner. If it takes too long, which is about 2.5 milli mill is longer than milliseconds, there is a defect in the nerve. Then therapy may be needed. "This is a three-step approach," Buchner says.

What helps carpal tunnel syndrome?

At an early stage, it sometimes helps to avoid stress – for example, with a handrail, which prevents joints from kicking. "Or by abandoning intensive smartphone use, especially at the wrist rotation when wiping on the display," Buchner says. However, according to DGKN experts, behavior change does not solve the problems.

A single injection of anti-inflammatory cortisone often hits the throat, a procedure rarely used in Germany. "This treatment is especially suitable for pregnant women whose hormone balance changes again after birth," Buchner says. According to Buchner, concerns about the unborn child are unfounded: "Cortisone is low and only locally effective."

However, the most common and effective procedure is surgery, which becomes inevitable if symptoms persist. In doing so, the hand or neurosurgeon divides the connective tissue band on the carpal tunnel at small cuts in local tendency, to allow more space for the pinched nerve and relieve pressure. About 300,000 such interventions occur each year in Germany.

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