Friday , June 25 2021

With these apps, you can easily pass through a cooler period

Country pharmacy

Provides an application in large collections of complaints, remedies and dishes Country pharmacy, Here are a few hundred complaints and numerous recipes can be found. Somewhat playful designed app comes with a significant range of functions. If we search for recipes, for example, we can search and sort them for complaints or components. Natural cosmetics can also be found here.

If we have found our features, all recommendations are listed with special pictures. For example, if we are looking for cough syrup for bronchitis, then there is a list of all the components in the app and explain how to make it. Under the instructions, also durability and application can be found.

In addition, there are still plenty of information about different types of plants, flowers, roots and other substances in nature. Country pharmacy Always integrate the latest videos Bavarian Radio With "healing …", which can be accessed directly in the app. This app also offers persistent up-to-date insights on various topics. To be able to recover the full amount of dishes and materials, but a subscription is required by in-app purchase.

Country pharmacy Available for iOS and Android for free. Subscriptions cost up to 18.99 euros per year.

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