Sunday , August 1 2021

A big corporate "bam" is being prepared by Eurobank

This important move material for Eurobank was also a subject of the bank's management meeting last week, in which Finance Minister Euclid Tuckatos

According to the data, EuroBank is a major corporate change to announce euro advertising tomorrow (Monday 26/11).

Specifically, and as always, according to the data, Guaria absorbs its capital in this way. It also favors creating an SPV in which it will transfer the red loan to its owners.

To strengthen the bank in efforts to quickly eradicate the initiatives taken by the Eurobock Shield and the red loan and at the same time create a new momentum in the field. Expected official announcements, as well as competition reactions are expected.

This important move material for Eurobank was the subject of the management meeting of the bank with Finance Minister Euclid Takalot last week.


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