Friday , September 24 2021

AEK: Eight points in the Champions League Bill League

Of course, this property is not just a success, but it has earned AEK multiple profits. In the financial sector (up to 25 million euros will be the funds). However, the AEC was granted approval in the Champions League. This was the loss of Atromitos, the match against Barça.

So far, four games were played in international club. Once again, he was able to win the championship championship he followed. After breaking with Alastair with Ajax, he lost from PAOK to a 2-0 defeat to Tauba.

In the match against Benfica at Ocae, K 1-1 continued with Olympics at OXA. After playing with Bayern in Munich, she lost to Athomitos of the Olympic Stadium.

Along with Australian Bayern, Eicchus lost the match with Barcelona. But after the Champions League, union championship has won eight points in total. The difference from PAOK champion is nine.

Last year, the AEK was to play six points in the first four of the European League. In the match against Austrian Vienna in Austria, the club lost 2-0 in Tripoli, and after playing against AC Milan in San Siva, the Atromitas beat at the Olympic Stadium. Lamia and PAOK played Richard, who played in the OAA Milan match after winning the match.

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