Saturday , June 10 2023

Apostolia Life: "Cannes kicked me in the last 4 years" (Video)


In the camera, there was a shock of mystic apost. He was speaking at Happy Days and Michalis Slimane. He mentioned the charity performance of "Why Song", which was screened on November 19 in Piazza. The rest will be paid to the oncology clinic Agogo Argyroii. Singer initiators took the initiative.

The singer has mentioned in particular on the project particularly such awareness:This is my need, when I lost my father. I have to do something about cancers. This is one thing that has been disintegrating for the past four years. I was very scared of what happened, I was very disappointed. I believe that a great event has happened. When I started to be the first one, it was a big prize for me.".

Thinking that he got help from his father, Michalis Slimewus asked her:My father and my mother help them because they are both together".

«Are you fine inside"Asked the singer,No yet. I felt guilty that I was not able to save my parents. I had a very big guilt".

«I should remember this November 19th. I want to come. I'm waiting with great anxiety, eagerness and extraordinary joy … to see how it works more than I do. My family will come and my sisters will see what I do for our parents"They said they could not conceal their emotions.

Astostolia Soy broke out: "The cancer has broken me for the last 4 years"

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