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Derby "green" in oka


He lost only a few days after dominating against the Olympique, Pietzhenos, for the Bague League.

In particular, the Greek men with Nicos Pappas, led by Piraeus at the age of 79-70, won the first place in the usual championship, a favorite seat seat.

Two "eternity" in the first decade of the present mission were very anxious and bleak.

Pananinicos tried to beat the Spanols, and their part began to draw Milestinov.

Three points (0/7 triples) were shot seven to Pazhalalas, with 10 to 15-14. Reds twice went wrong.

Both teams were crushed in the second half. In fact, both of them completed 50% of the free arrows.

In the first half of the second phase, Red Bulls found a solution before going to extraordinary Lady Gaga to reach six points. (20-26).

But Blat's team was violent. The pope's victory was 12-3. The score was 32-29.

In fact, the bench pushed him to pass that he had conspired with three errors in the striking part of the first part.

Vegetables entered the court in the third quarter. They differed first in the difference of 10 + 44 (34-34). Olympios gained five individual points and washed herself with Spanius.

In fact, Piraeus-1 (51-50). The Pepas team managed to score four points (4-5 to 55-51).

Fifteen fifteen: 15-14, 32-29, 55-51

Panathinaikos dozen: Thomas, Langford, Lassim, Papadetto, Papas, Guest, Waukiaukas, Lektsitsitzvis, Lodzissy, Calatus, Anchakobo, Mithlogo.

Olympus Dawson: Williams-Gos, Tolioopos, Spanols, Tima, Milutinov, Strelenis, Vogenkov, Prunticus, Pappanico, Materis, Boxes, Landai.

The start of the Derby

A stunning depth of London

President of FCC, Thodoris Caripidis

The warm-up pictures of the two teams are:

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