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Dimitrios Staravos: "The Night Night Show, but I'll not go …"


11/11/2018 16:18

He laid out his personal life in the summer.

Dmitry Stavos confessed his long tour of Ecclesiastical Show and the pseudonym he had at that time. "I have been beaten by WorldTrick for 20 years and 62 times we were in the summer, I woke up at least five times in the summer, I did not remember where I was, but I do not remember where I was, kill me, tell me where you are, I do not know. For 16 pounds, I'm mad and I'm not There was a rower who was eating ice cream seven times a day and I did not abuse the poor man. "He said," Come and laugh. "

For his professional skills, Dimitris Stavos revealed that he will not attend the 2 nd night show with Gregorios Arnotoglu.

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