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The European Parliament supports Andros Jarrezia, president of the former Greek Statistical Authority (ALSASA), has long supported judicial adventures in Greece.

As part of the European Commission, Marianne Tisen and Andres Georgiou, responsible for social work Perfect and correct, How was the old turbulent situation in his time corrected?

Tezsen emphasizes that STST and European Union Statistical Officers are being monitored frequently. The Commission also helped to improve the quality of statistical data and to ensure the statutory authorities' freedom.

George Christoph, MEP's George Cryptos, said that George was an important scientist and "judiciary's circumstances and political rivalry became a victim." George Kirsdas said that the social community threatened the intensity of the crisis. Georgia was compulsorily compelled to join the Greek loan scheme.

"But in fact Greece was on a program Before changing Georgios statistics, This did not mean that other countries did not take the necessary steps, resulting in a decrease in debt and a decrease in debt.

The European Union leaders said that George might not be able to blame for the further problems of Greece due to the 2015 crisis, but former President of the Supreme Court, Al. Cipra, in contrast, assesses the situation. Cousin has sent a letter to Jean-Claude Juncker to deny the loan scheme. "What should we do to end Georgiu's judicial adventure," G. Kirstos said.

Roberto Gületari, chairman of the European Parliament's Economic Affairs Committee for Socialists, pointed out. The basic principle of the European Union A precaution for a healthy economy and a financial investment.

After the statistical information available in Greece was incorrect, Georgia was determined to ensure credibility and bring their calculation to the correct level. He said. Elistost was given the best work and ensured all steps to protect freedom. The Socialist Representative said Eurostat approved its data since 2010.

"We honor Greece's justice and its autonomy, and we regret it There are opponents of the court trial Mr Georgiou, we are concerned about the consequences of such a case and the danger of crashing any credibility of any statistician. Statisticians need to be protected, and he can perform his obligations independently and biased, "he said.

He was speaking at the meeting. Dimitrias Papadimoulis, deputy speaker of the European Parliament, said: The deficit in 2009 was 15.1 per cent. There was no shortage of 6% on fake data. "Council, Commission, Eurostat, Eurogroup, European Stabilitarian Mechanism, every year since 2010, The data is absolutely reliable"Says DD Papadimoulis.

"We fully respect and assure the independence of the nations of Elistad and Greek Justice," said the Syriza. "Those who are trying to take advantage of judicial adventures that hurt George will only be able to go to Greece now to avoid financial mismanagement and mismanagement."

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