Saturday , July 2 2022

Evi Ioannidou-Anna Amanatidou: The past revelation and the contributions of GNTM | Videos


H Georgiou Georgiou As it was presented in his show Kataro Catzoulis And her Katina CaravatoEvery moment goes to the back of the GTM, the girls make her happy.

So in a conversation with some players she believed the culprit in her life AV EinoDino And her Do not worryBefore the game starts.

«We are talking about AV Eiondinoau and Anna Amameido. Basically, AV and Anna Athida are from the Thessalonica. So in Thessalonica there was an incident that the girls described me. Eve was working as a receptionist in a shop. When I did not know exactly what a few steps, Eve removed Eve and brought Anna Ammathide to his place. Megi came very close to Eve, and it began to evolve gradually"The reporter revealed.

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