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F1 2019 – Review: Continue the above study



Title: F1 2019
Available in: PC / Playstation 4 / Xbox One
Tested: Playstation 4
Development Company: Codemuster Birmingham
Publishing Company: Codemasters
Write Racing
Ages: 3+
Date of movement: June 28, 2019

To satisfy everybody, this year, the official Formula 1 video game comes at the beginning of approximately two months on the shelves of real and digital stores. The success of the past few years in F1 games is named and this is a codemaster. For many years developers associated with many popular racing games, such as the Dirt series (formerly the Colin Mackere Rally), the grid series and of course the F1 series, have come back with the new Formula 1 title for the 2019-2020 season. The championship is progressive that attracts the interest of fans of the game and many fans are waiting for this release. After the successful F1 2017 and F1 2018, it has been left to see what improvements can be made and what can be added to the franchise which now touch its top.

As expected, the main "attraction" of the game can not be anything except career mode, which usually does not change significantly in the last year but it has some exciting new features. After forming our guidance, the career mode takes us to the Formula One team, not the Formula One team. We are in the last game of the season and in the game mode (in the form of Story Mode) we call "strange" Devon Butler. This ambitious but discreet character follows us in "Promotion" on our Formula 1 slopes, where in the program's 21 Grand Prix we will be awarded awards and points of honor. Competitors, as they call these types of "drivers", are interested by career mode and some cutscans, while we can define any other (real) opponent like a rival.

Based on the Formula 1 team we will choose after the preliminary F2 race mentioned above, our goals will be determined. Walking one of the big teams like Mercedes, Ferrari and Redball, we must be very competitive and should get the first run. Similarly, targets are in medium-aboan groups such as McLaren and Alpha Romeo. The presentation of Career Mode is impressive as the last year's title with many downloads from manufacturer's Pit Stop, statements of actual drivers, and beautiful representation of each species. Before and after every Grand Prix, we are asked to respond to reporters (questions are multiple choice) and based on feedback, some elements in our group or character vary positively or negatively.

RPG F1 in the previous year will again be seen in 2019 with development issues and various R & D Trees. By achieving targets during testing, qualifiers and races, we can earn points to develop four different elements of the car. Aerodynamics, chassis and more. If the component development succeeds, it is automatically placed in your car. In the middle of some Grand Prix, we will receive invitations for events like overvival tests, time trials and more, which are composed mostly of historical cars and a pleasant break from Formula 1 standard program. Finally, F1 2019 is its first game series, which recommends a new mechanism: the drivers transit during and during the season.

Gameplay and car feel are preserved with "recipe" for the last few years and include "push", physics actually created, "nice" AI of opponents, all of which are played with all the features of the game (ERS). , DRS system, new rules) gives very real result near real realities. Certainly for the most … early, supportive and accessible features like Early Replay can access items in arcade racing limits. However, less supportive people, more real damage and all the penalties do not mean that at least one player will get you more awards. Generally, it's a game that you can bring to your "Play" with its level of difficulty, which indicates the meaning of it with positive and negative people.

Most of the work behind the car is done in pits and through the respective screen you can customize the tire selection, the race in peat stops and of course your car settings (there are also ready prepared setups. Choose from the fastest to the most stable for the car). It is very important to do more study sessions to track trek, corners, and speed of entry and exit from every turn, and heavy conditions like this heavy rain. If, on the other hand, you just want to take part in the race, you can leave the three qualifying sessions in the final qualifiers and find yourself on the day of the race that you set and leave.

Although on track, you can enter some car functions, such as fuel consumption or power management, and some aerodynamic adjustments, for example in touch of a button. You can check the condition of the vehicle, tire temperature and strategies to talk with pitts, distance from other drivers, and general condition of the car and track. There is a small risk to special features because you need to be very careful to fight the car so fast that you can lose in certain menus during the race.

Next to career mode, there are also classic modes like Time Trial and Grand Prix, which you can create a championship with a specific slope of your choice. Championships come back and F1 championship course, Formula 2 Formula 2018, with official drivers and other historic tournaments, you can compete with 22 historical sports cars (last year's game and 18 of new games). Legend Edition owners will play the role of one of the two players (Alan Prost and Ayrton Senna), who pay tribute to the game's two legends. Formula 1 2019 is heavy, we believe in stuff, and in fact it is necessary to add that the game will be added after the update and all the Formula 2 seasons for 2019.

Multiplayer now has a randomized and boundless race through which you can win the XP for your driver, while on the league's tab you can take part in other players' leagues, but always keep track of time and dates of the race. There is also a weekly event which is held mainly in the Grand Prix, where the actual race of Formula 1 is held. From all of these, you earn XP, level and badges for your driver's tab and point to modify your car's appearance. Sadly, this part also has microtrotection).

And if the F1 of 2018 was a beautiful visual game, then there will be more improvements in F1 2019 (some of you will watch impressive gameplay videos from the previous month). Lighting and especially the shades have received another "polishing" hand, which is more visible in the superior presidents such as the nation Bahrain. Some of the non-breed drivers and their animation expression needs to be improved, but usually F1 creates a terrible immersion in both 2019's graphics and presentation, driving and both of them. In normal circumstances, in some cases the game has very little tear on 60 frames per second (review was made on PS4). For framerate, F1 is a vague event in 2019, which is not yet known whether it is a bug or just a matter of design. In career mode, the display on some tracks goes to 30 frames per second (in the entire race) and if we run similar tracks in career mode, then it grows up to 60 frames again. It is something that "strikes" very badly in the eye especially for the most experienced players, and accordingly, our opinion is improved immediately.

This game includes theater mode where highlights of racing and modes are stored, and you can see all the car details included in the game pack. The sound of the engine has improved, while there is a realistic voice in the historic car, which is more "noisy". Developers have also recorded comments on actual guides and actual guides and are also used in the game.


The Codex provides a complete package for the new Formula One titles with all the league licenses and many additions (Formula 2, historical challenges, rivals, etc.). Combined with gameplay and car care, the F1 2019 is not only for "Formula 1" but also in the rich market but also racing games. Opponents have a scope for improvement in areas such as AIS, Pitts, Animation, Interviews and Course Framerate Themes. However, it is best that you can bring the type of title for your manners, because you are a novice driver or are quite experienced in these games. There are certainly not many changes in relation to the title of last year, but it is enough to give justice to new markets for relevant gamers.

Rating: 8/10

This review was given to us by Anxious Dynamic Media for review purposes.

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