Thursday , July 29 2021

Florina: They cut 105 pyramids on the border with Macedonia

Unidentified criminals, using excavators, cut the pyramid, which crosses the border boundary between Greece and Macedonia on November 23 and Saturday 24 November.

They have been named as EthanosRR of the National Defense Ministry. After paying attention to the sources, the precise trigotometric pyramid is 9 kilometers away from the last Greek outpost and has been signed on the side of the scope side under a signed contract between Greece and Macedonia. We have no responsibility but our neighbors. There is no visibility from the Greek patrol, but periodically we are going there and inspecting the situation, "the sources from the National Defense Ministry said on

Greek soldiers identified the ruins of columns in earlier days and officials were immediately informed.

To clarify this incident and to clarify as soon as possible, the military and civilian officials from both the countries are expected to meet the Florida Police next week. According to the National Defense Ministry, the incident has been reported to the Macedonian authorities and is in open contact with the Greek authorities.

According to the authorities, between November 23 and 24, 2018, unknown actors undertook the pyramid – the demolition of the pillars (105), which defines the boundary line between Greece and Macedonia, that is the north of the local community in the north of Mesocombus north of the municipality of Florina Achlada Community

This incident has been done by the initial investigation by the security department of Florina, while the relevant prosecutors and military officials have been informed.

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