Tuesday , June 22 2021

Folli Follie: Koutsolioutsos Durable businesses of withdrawal bond holders

Last Friday evening, it was not clear whether orchestrated 35.7% of Fillie Phoebe's follow-up to Attica Doors store, which Greek banks have claimed to have earned € 32 million. .

Foley Fouche's CEO With the end of the year, George Torsosis has been handed over to the creditors and reconstruction consultants until the recognition of the revolutionary program from the place. He has retired as a commitment to consent of borrowers to commit commitment, to submit a request for protection, to proceed with the settlement plan.

Opponents walked when the contractor's contract reached beyond the minimum limit of 20 per cent of the cranes. A follower of Folly was registered under Section 106 of the Banking Law. If the application submitted to employees and companies representing nearly 100 million representatives from 249.5 million bonds amounted to 150 million bonds in the Swiss francs, the scholarship of 51 million creditors EUR. More and more applicants are expected to go forward with the support of the court.

On Thursday morning, the Athens single judge judicial council took the case. But last night, Greek banks remained at the Attica Department store in favor of Folii Faizi, a protection request. That is why they can sell that partnership, a ban on the outside prohibition, and want to sell them for the preservation they are likely to create, and their future problems as a legal expert believes. However, Foli Follow and its obligations are ready to be excluded from this partnership, but only if banks support their efforts. Otherwise, they will use all legal remedies to prevent the sale, or legally expelled because of non-legally binding obligations, shareholders or others. The case will be clarified today in the discussion of the application.

In the letter of intent to withdraw, Tzortzis Koutsolioutsos, however, is to assume that some sites are not a reliable and are not satisfactory to all debtors. In any case, the new Deputy Managing Director (GEORGIA), Reconstruction Consultant (Kouatos) and the President (Canelopolos) are two members of the Board of Reconstruction Consultants.

In the meantime, Kountoli's family members and seven senior members of Foley Phiyi have written in detail over the Crown Prosecutor Eoinice Diamonds. Investigate and investigate what is happening in the company. Based on the information they reached in legal issues raised by the financial statistics of the company, the main offense they asked for was exploitation.

Most of those who wanted to change all the responsibilities of fake company to the Asian Group and various subsidies during the explanatory phase. However, according to the same source, the prosecutor will be prosecuted for other offenses.

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