Thursday , June 8 2023

GNTM: Sulos and Ermidos – "Wrap your photo with a photo, it's a good"


The latest experiment in the journal is not the best for Irene Armida, which did not do well in photography.

This result is not really like Dimitus Stress, but it is very difficult to find.

Well, this photo can be great for you, again, if you take a photo shoot, you can wrap it up – it's a trash, I say so hard, because you laugh at that moment Do not laugh at the end, until the end, I cried, crying, and you cried Rila parattikkalannu, and we all helped you, you would go to a nursery school. We asked you to create a social message, and you saw it interesting. That's why the photo to trash. I wanted to take the camera to follow you, "she said.

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