Tuesday , May 24 2022

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The Dr Hedgewood Research Director at Gonelective Institute, the first of its kind in the European technology of tactical contradiction in European technology, as part of the European H2020 EPOS program. The NSS scientists team led by Athanasius Gan.

Mapping of tectonic virus on the planet can be very useful for assessing underground grievances and observing geodian changes on the planet's surface. Defect from elastic lithosphere due to plate tectonics (ie solid cortex, upper mantle).

These changes occur with the forms of tectonic plate, tectonic blocks ("blocks"), and their vertical and elastic energy combinations. Recent levels of tectonic viruses have greatly increased over the use of satellite technologies, particularly the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSSS).

The NCA team had previously developed a team of researchers at the French University of Grinob using tectonics from 452 GNSS permanent stations. Greek scientists are computationally computable using open source software. The basic factor of tectonic formation is ns / yr (nanostetine / year), representing an annual change between two points per square foot 2,000 km per year.

In most of the Eurasian plate, landlords (eg, Northern France and Poland) are rare, and the poverty rate is very low (10-20 ns / yr) (1-2 ns / yr). In contrast, tectonic patterns are high in 50 to 150 in high-land areas, such as Central Greece and Central Italy.

Gansa concludes that these other scientific groups are similar results in Greece and Italy. Study on tectonic disorders will continue along with the Swedish Landmere (LM). This aims to build such maps every year, including increasing the number of European GNS stations.


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