Tuesday , February 7 2023

He has surrendered to Uruguay on Suarez and … Per Peru – Soccer – Copa America


Peru … qualified for steel semipinals.

Geca's team did not stick to Uruguay's pressure, they won 5-4 Penalty Shootout (0-0 in regular time) and Copa América qualifies for "4", where it will face Chile on July 3. The second pair is Brazil-Argentine. Fatty for the Tamaris team, who canceled three goal VARs for both, had the right to complain, Luis Suarez, who had withdrawn the first penalty shootout from Gales.

The show has an overall high "check-out", which can put the initial foundation for the winner-qualification. However, she lost a terrible opportunity in the middle of the first half of her two top qualifiers. 24th, the cawney saw the ball put in the dish … but with it he sent pigeons …. On 29th, D'Arashkata achieved the success of sending the ball to the net, but – she made a flag for an offside assistant at the beginning of the stage. To make Peru's final finals, it had to roll almost halfway, because the floor 43 had failed in good conditions.

Kawney thought that she was 60 & # 39; (for a terrible opportunity of 24) & # 39; , Was sent off on the net with a grand fame, but the celebration was not fully counted after using VAR in the border phase. A referee with one of them (in summary) and 73 & # 39; Suarez to cancel the target of his offside and previously believed that he (disappointed with his knee) scored.

It did not change anything until the end, and Peru, which was tight and loyal to its plans, was justified in the final stages, then Suris had given more strain to Uruguay than the lost penalty, while the Gerraca team made every effort.

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