Sunday , August 1 2021

Katrina Geronicolau: Yanis Simitelis, fame in his relationship with the competition

O Yanis Simitisis And H. Katrina Geronicola They have been couple for many months, but they try to keep a low ton in my personal life and do not worry about me. Their general public appearances are minimal, and as a result, when they come out together, the photographic flash illuminates them.

Their relationship is good for a good time, and those who know them well, reject the possibility that they will soon take the next step. However, in his interview he is still curious and avoids talking to each other, he tries to protect what is "destructive".

Young actor, in the break from shooting "Tattoos"And from the show's show"Stick on the desk"He talked to them Alexis Meeha For TV Nation For her life with her partner and declared how she manages the part of "publicity" in her relationship.

Here's a way:

Have you been forced to disclose your relationship with Yannis Tsimitselis?

There was no special chase …

I ask you why some of the photos in the summer were released from the trip to Mikonos that you and Yannis were showing you to interrupt …

No, there was no discomfort. Probably wondering, "I do not expect him". There is no enthusiasm or anxiety.

You're two brand names Is not the publicity inevitable?

Journalist I understand that it may be interested. There is no reason to hide something or declare something. The premiere is expected to be revealed when you are eating at a restaurant, then you do not expect it.

How is the relationship with John?

(Laughter). Yannis Cemetisellis performs in "Bachelor 3", which comes out in halls a month. Not just John It is a famous quartet with Warrioltis, Study, Viscodoraki. Vaughi Quawra and I are friends of a woman. I enjoy watching a movie on Christmas.

When a couple joins the same business place, does this affect the loss of the relationship? Makes it competitive?

This is with the personality of these people. They can work competitively, they can work and support each other. We think we are from another category.

Do you imagine your personal life after two or three years? A wedding, a child is in your dreams?

No, it's not. But its meaning is nothing. Everything is fine and it is coming, it will come.

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