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Land registry: Secrets and Pitfalls – starts to decline in 34 areas

This is especially difficult because of the terrain of Greece and Greece. 36% are rural areas. There are different characteristics (rural, mountain, etc.). On the island, all the islands and rocks are included in the island, including wildlife and water reservoirs.

On November 19th, the southern agent (Kos, Rhodes, Kaliminos, Karpatos) area will inspire the preparation of land registration statements. By the end of December, the baton was given at Itonacarnia, Ionia, Ata, Prasea and Leppace. 30 other regional units. Rural areas and residential areas: Drama, Santhi, Thassos, RoadPP, PIya, Chalkidiki, Grvena, Kastoria, Florina, Ioniana, Magnusia, Viola, Focida, Scopolozo, Euriania, Fréitidae, Kiflonia, Aquia, Elia, Mizina, Arcodia, Arcolis, Evil, Sketches, Hydra, Poros, Lemnos, Lesvos, Samos, Icaria, Chiros, Crete (Lassidy) Evia.

Amazon, Tinus, Micons, Parsus, Naxos, Santorini, Milos, Kee Kathanos, Thepopitiya, Corfu, Rethimon, Chana, Heraklion (Malivisi, Heraklion, and Hariscios). It is noteworthy that five contracts involving registration of land for specific areas have not been signed due to objections raised by tender participants. By June 2021, these areas were excluded from the company's agreement with the completed goal. Because it is unlikely to discontinue the end of the year. So it changed to 2022.


Unsurpassed solution Thousands of people are looking to secure their rights. According to the Greek Cadre, 16.5 million properties are in the new and final phases of the 10.3 million land register registration.

Michelis Kalogianakis, chairman of the Panalinic Association of Agricultural Engineers, said: "A comprehensive diagram of documenting is crucial when it comes to the announcement of the possibility of utilization: The only way to properly describe an object is the dependent toptographic diagram, and the acceptability of top maps of language charts is acceptable."

At the same time, if the callogenic nascent emits or finds a big problem in subsidized parcels, since E9 is the only document that can be given to citizens in most cases. "We met with the President of Environment Diaspora Joseph Dimas on a meeting that was PASATM and suggested that E9 only need these cases.

However, the general picture of the technology world shows that there are ciphers and cinematographic diagrams in areas where Cadastral Planning is expected. Majority of the contracts that have taken over most of the property and most of the contracts actually provide a suspicious technical description of the real estate.

Cost and Proof for Ownership

If we pay

While retaining information, citizens should have an asset right of £ 35 for up to 35 pounds of subsidized terrain, and if the same municipality has more rights to the same person in rural areas than twice the "landmark".

Nevertheless, its geographical potential is also needed. The most descriptive version is the typographic version that starts from € 300 and the cost of large areas increases significantly.

What do you want

1. Declaration form (statutory 2308/95) Cadastral Offices or www.ktimatologio.gr

2. Simple photocopy of the transcription certificate's title

From the photocopy of the Transcription Certificate

4. Property topographical plot is available

5. Identity card or simple photocopy of passport.

E9, PPC Account, Leases, IACAC Resources, Range Identification Act, Sworn Affidavit etc. will be required for the use of 20 years legal property.

In other words, if the right is not accepted:

A) Title of Inheritance (if any)

Death certificate

C) a copy of the published (if any)

D) Certificate of publishing

E) Certificate of close relatives

F) Unauthorized unauthorized certificate (when a will)

D) Email, contact information (telephone and home address).

Source of information: Newspaper "Free Press"

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