Tuesday , February 7 2023

Maria-Eleni Liqurezau: All the truth about her relationship with Martha! What did he declare?


Petros Kostopoulos's show was Maria Ellei Liqurezo, who talked about everything!

After talking about the unforgettable Zoe Lascaris and Alexandros Licorasos, the new business model and the design of clothing, she mentioned love for her father, for which she did not hide the shock she had experienced by her venture, when she was recently imprisoned .

When talking about an unforgettable star of Greek cinema and theater, Maria Eleni insisted:

"I was happy because I had a nice mother and not just good. It was a displacement."

Of course, she continued to mourn her loss and said, "I do not cry, I cry for my own house, this thing never stops. You can always miss someone, you do not cry every day."

Maria Helen also admitted that she is not consistent at this time As it was announced: "We have no children. I am alone, completely, I am free."

Asked about the presenter's father's recent adventure by the presenter, she said: "It was surprising that my father was imprisoned for what he did not do."

Watch the video below with her father's statements.

As long as the relationship with Natasha Calgredis is related to her, she is almost angry, she commented: "It is good that people will not judge others' personal life", the actor refers to the fright about the relationship with his father. Also, when Petros Kostopoulos asked directly how he thought that her mother would now react when looking at her father in relation to Natasha Calgredidis, she said with humor: "My mother loves my father and does not want to be alone".

And he said, "I want my father to be happy, be good, if this relationship gives him better moments, if not, he is not."

Of course, the speech of Costopoulos-Lacourresos was not ignored in connection with Maria Alley's relationship with Martha Alley for Porto Raffy's house, where Zoi Laskiri lived for the last days of her life. Initially, Mary Alley did not want to mention this topic, but then announced a lot. See exactly what shows up in the video below …


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