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Nike – Panathinaikos' walk with Apollo

Junior Panathinaikos won his 11th Super League match against Apollo Smyre 5-1, endorsing his superiority in Oka.

With this victory, "Greens" reached 18 points, which is the fourth position of the scoreboard from the zone. It has been noted that Panathinaikos returned to the championship wins, after three games (defeat with POOC and draw with the EK and the Olympics).

Apollo was left behind because his only 11 draws in the match.

Panathinaikos won the first half when he scored two goals from one team, which he could not particularly threaten. In the second half, "Greens" played more freely, giving their fans a chance to return to the stands.

The winners were obtained by McAidas (15, 41), Corbelius (58), Innova (62) and Johanson (90 + 2). For Apollo, Sikkmila came down to 67.

Panathinaicos: Cortisius, Johannes, Kolvatios, Ikonau, Insua (66); Hetitheododiridis; Case, Corbellis (61 staccos), Dionis, Bujaukis, Macdas, Hetzivianus (77 & # 39; Emanuldis).

Apollo Smyrna: Junderson, Oriole, Kyrgyz, Tzeneptolos (70 'doras), Nadalas, Joao Pedro (63 & amp; nbsp; acosha), Guino, Con, Sikkmila, El Halve, Battenelli (46 & # 39; Trayud).

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