Wednesday , August 4 2021

Panathinaikos: Apollo – No damage to Panathinaikos

However, George Donis knows that Panathinaikos this year
You can not absorb anything for granted and must do it
Win This repeats its players and tries to bring them back
After staying for the League of Nations, in the championship rhythm In addition, victory
Clover is essential for claiming in fifth position
And "deleted" UEFA penalty.

This match for Panathinaikos is a challenge, because he has to do it
To cope with close play Apollo will see a low wait
With courtesy, multiple protection and a desire not to take risks. So, Panathinaikos
Finding ways to break it without getting the most suitable
"Tools" in roster

Varieties in

The boards offer priority for the second use
Aggressive because it does not want to leave Maccadas alone from three
Which results in its separation. For this, most often
To set up the Capepee and Panathinakos next to the Italians
4-4-2 with lineup.

In this case, the coters will begin in the fireplace,
Colombo and Pugoras will play in the defense center in Johannesburg
Insula on the right hand and left side Case and Corbellis will compose it
Includes a pair of protective hefs and bauzauzowice and haatgigiovines
End of the middle line

In the alternative view, the "train" will choose
Third center hand and 4-3-3, so the panathinicos will control in the middle
Line and ball are occupied. Christos will take on the role of Dennis,
Kate and Corbellis and will be one of Buzauke or Kampetis
It lives on the bench.

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