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Immigration Then Refugee No national issues. These are the European and international issues that require solutions in European and international levels, and the new approach addresses the realities of today's reality.

This underlines the president of Greece's Chambers Central Union Constantinus Michalos On the occasion of Cheyes's 100th anniversary, the Chieus Chamber of Commerce president addressed the Chambers Central Union General Assembly in Greece on Saturday, November 9, under the request of Cheoz Pantelis Legatto.

More specifically, according to a chamber's announcement, Constantino Michaels mentioned in the perspective of the business that, after extracting immigration policies from the country's memorandums,

In particular, as the Athens report reported, Miholos "We know that immigration and refugee are not national issues, they are European and international issues.

They need solutions to European and international levels. They want a new approach that responds to the challenges of today's reality.

It is not easy to find solutions to such complex and multilayered issues. But there are basic principles, which must be a political compass.

– The principles of solidarity between the member states of refugees and refugees Immigration.

– Improving cooperation with third countries with the origin and transition of immigrants.

– Respect for basic rights as the basic criterion for each policy and the dignity of the refugees and migrants.

In addition, the ranks of the Chamber of Commerce are clear:

  • We are supporting our voice with the local community on the island. Removal of geographical limitations, transfer of immigrants to geographical area, return of illegal immigrants to turkey, as provided in the contract.
  • We need strong measures to help the local economy and businesses be affected.
  • We want to create a better and more sustainable system for the refugees and complete the Dublin Agreement.

However, it is essential that you recognize a generalized and public approach that is part of the European Union. An approach that goes beyond the personal strategies and programs that crash the foundations of the European structure.

What can not be done for the European debt crisis. A united vision, cooperation, and determination to act. If not, the spectrum will become even more appealing, even after questioning, isolation and nationality.

Considering the effective treatment of refugees and diagnostic diagnoses is one issue. Eastern Area's local communities, businesses, and citizens. In Greece. People looking for a second home. The European Union itself.

Together with the Chamber of Deputies, inaugurated the General and Secretary of Trade and Consumer Ditutions Avalonis, Consumer Dementis Aventonies. Their chambers should be strengthened to improve the market and improve the business world and improve their performance. Supporting small and medium enterprises.

A spokesman for the Chivos Monolis indicates public investment, such as the need to refund the Chios island and migrate from the airport to the migrants, is needed to achieve growth.

Deputy Chimos Andreas Michaels in Syria has hit the 10-year crisis with smaller and medium-sized enterprises, but gradually shut down and gradually shut down as gradually entering the country during economic growth.

The new Democracy MP Notification for Mitricace Industries indicates the need to reduce taxes, the importance of promoting opportunities and prosperity, the emphasis on economy monitoring, the migration crisis, and the need for strengthening the local economy, depending on shipping. Tourism, primary production and innovation.

Northern Regional Regional Governor Cristian Callagiro urged urgent need for thousands of immigrants into immigrants. Extraction, flexibility, etc. were needed for market recovery.

The Secretary General of the Shipyard Diocese Tibenos Aijen highlights the daily battle of Cost Guard. This highlights his important and irrelevant works. On the other hand, however, the importance of coordinating efforts for more efficient action points out.

Chimos of Cancer's Panbarlus Legosdos said that the island is very difficult for a diaspora and burden of burdening the country to attract tourists to attract tourists.

Yannis Currents at the Aijen University held an annual conference on Saturday, November 10, 18, at Amphitheater. The award was presented by KEE, ACCI Costantinus Milillos President and former President of Chivos Chamber of Commerce.

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