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Release Palaisgia's baby, who attracted her 13-year-old daughter


However, 16.5 years, 54 years old Christos Wallgarks, after 54 years of shameful crime, who hated Pelachgia and entire Greece, breathed again into the air of independence, securing the positive judgment of the Emphissa PlagueGenical Council with 758-88, the remainder of the prison sentence (i.e. 10 years) The proceedings have been suspended, showing good practice, as well as 3 344 days of operation.

Approximately 13, an estimated 15 years in prison for a life estate angel. The life that his father took on the most violent way (especially he has never admitted), in which case both the Justice has dealt with them in the degree, while they are often given by councils.

Trial and Tribute

In 2002, the United Chartered Court of Carpensis convicted him, but recognized his former honest life and imprisoned him with 21 years of imprisonment. She was temporarily imprisoned from Corridolos Psychiatric Hospital in August 2009 after a shameful crime, because the Pamela Deafet Council's conference was working on condition that it was in Puncorpho for the remainder of the sentence in Fokker, and especially in the monastery of Saints Avagousine Hippon. And Seraph's seraphim is also known as "the monastery of Paparocondas" of Abbott Nectiros Mouliotos.

Vetula's mother's legal feeling and request, the collection, which was the culprit, the prosecution of Athenia Valiseootis, the prosecution of the Pyrais, was canceled, and after about four months, the Appeal Council ordered her to return to the remaining Corridolos psychiatric hospital appeals appeals. The mother again took action against the original decision.

In November 2015, the appeal of Lamia's appeal was not put into the past in a mixed court court and the accused were sentenced to life, who had chosen "right to peace" over the years.

Indeed, in the last episode of the judicial drama, the headquarters asked the moths' Abbott that Woolgerakky's spiritual, if he had declared what had happened at that time, but he also relied on secrecy. However, Wolfgang was out of prison for another 14 months …

Seven knives for an angel …

On April 27, 2002. In the blood pond, the neighbor was searching for herself in the bedroom of Wollagaki, which was filled with Vasula's daughter.

The body of the 13-year-old was literally slaughtered and also shocked by Christos Lafkidis. The unfortunate angel hurt her mouth, severely injured in the uterus, cut her carotid three times, cut into the veins, kidneys, camel, elbows, breast, deep wound in the fingers … everywhere! !! The murderer was suffering from the 18 cm kitchen.

Vulgarakis disappeared, the number one is doubtful. After a magnitude earthquake in 1999, after a earthquake in Paranita, like a mother's house in Metamorphos, a man was in his hands.

Her father took her to the village until her mother started her stay. Temporary parents betrayed a small man who could not imagine what he was waiting for. The girl's mother, Athenia vaseliotisis, convicted Kristos Wollagakus, that she killed the angel to bury him because she had left him. Shortly before the evil, she again requested the child to return to her house, her lawyer Vasula announced her unhappy attorney.

Until he disappeared after five days of horrific crime, he disappeared until he was presented at the Trichurfos, Folkida monastery. From the beginning, he refused to be involved in a felony crime, saying that his daughter was killed by a user circuit, in which he was involved and threatened.

During the trial, Bolagakis allegedly confessed to her former husband that he was guilty of crime.


Eventually, on November 7, 2018, Christos Volgagakis was released from the council for his defense, for the remaining part of his sentence, to give Sanprost Hippon's sacred monastery and seraphim of the triangle.

In the first 10 days of each month, the police station of residence is required to be presented, whereas prohibited conditions include restrictions on leaving the country.

We note that a public opinion is surprised even by leaving the mother-in-law Georgio Mataxakis and another tragic story, which was sentenced to three-thirds of children of children drowning in the Almiros River in Crete in 1999. They were freed from serving 19 years in prison …

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