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Revenge on the height! (Statistics)


Rhythm and Space, three-pointer, works with the transistor. Basketball is changing, shorts are much higher. Or maybe not?

You can change all the stereotypes before you know it, this will be true at the start of Eurogi later this year. In the case of the impact of the guards, in the interest of statistics, even if the current sample is small, the ones who are up to the end will be revengeful.

Only six of the best 12 players out there are just three. The taller in the project analytics stacked on the & # 39; blast & # 39;

Top 12 in the rating

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Only 12 of the 12 games are guardians.
In addition, in the past three games, these three (Alexis Zed, Nando de Colo, Mike James) are below average this year.
Four servicemen with four balloons with two bouncers, Unis Boorres and Hope Udo in the last four seasons, have an average of 19 pears.
Why do all the shorts look like a roof? It is a simple explanation that skills, shots, everything should be high quality.

On the other hand, the Euroleague Guard has been performing better than the last player of the tournament in the last two seasons.

Top 12 Garments & Distribution of Season (Rating)


Between 2016 and 2018, two perfumes (exuded, Torne Schengelia) are at the 5th position at the end of the season. This year Shen is the fourth set.
In the last two seasons, Top 12 has 5 Pounds and 7 Shorts.
In the 12th of this year, eight out of 9 have surpassed their career average.

This trend is very clear. The fact that the analysis is much more interesting, the difference in height, not the underlying focus or the forward (ie, the tallest 2.04 meter).

"Giants" appeared in several groups now. We can not teach tall as we say.

Average rating per season, Undersized vs. high

7912fb5b- Average-Pir-Season Season-undersized-Vs-Giant-The Greatest Men

It is clear that under the performance of Undersized players has been decline. Between 2015 and 2018, it was down to 6.49%.
On the other hand, their average fall in the last two seasons has now been higher than average, with their highest 16% in the 2015/16 season.
2.05 m There are only two players with the 12 players below.

It is clear that things are changing. Although Shorts still has the ball in his hands, things are going to happen right now. If this trend continues, the weather will show it, but one thing is certain: the taller are the revenge!

The real question is whether this trend will last until the end. It looked in the future, but the revenge of the rises had already begun …
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