Wednesday , September 28 2022

Rhea Antoine: Do not imagine that the famous Greek couple is rumored to have news


The tender piece of tea in Thessaloniki was recently introduced Ria Antonio And o Christos Sombolucus. A few weeks ago, according to the Espace newspaper, both passed the entrance to the famous restaurant of the co-owner and danced to the company with a romantic mood. However, as he said in a trusted source, he was not more exposed during his stay at the restaurant.

The rumors that Christos Sombolues and Rhea Antonyu They have come closer and they have started spreading in summer a summer when they are said to make joint vacation. Although there is a tremendous work program in Italy, the model comes to Greece more often to meet the businessman despite where he lives and works.

We remember that in the past Ria Antonio They had a relationship with them Elias Pentazopulos, While Christos Sombolucus Among them was a couple, among other things Anna ViciBut there is also the singer Aarti Zhaa.

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