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Side-by-side: This is the big state bailiffs – the new listing is public!


Published: 30.06.2019 07:52

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In "Centers", AAEE (Independent Revenue Revenue Authority) took out the state's bailiffs. Black traders pay 150,000 euros or more!

Aad's new list with large Greek state borrowers, however, they are NO debt, move forward to settle their debts.

In particular, the independent public revenue officer has declared the names of natural and legal persons:

(a) Delay in payment of more than one year on the date of collection of such data by the default term debt and tax and customs information systems to the state per person, more than one hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) euros. ICISNet).

(B) Basic Social Security contributions from the NFPA are paid and paid to more than one thousand and fifty thousand euros (150,000) euros on the date of collection of this information by the information system (IKA / ΕΤΑΜ) on the date of collection of insurance accounts. KOO).

There are still companies or companies listed on the list that have been locked for years, such as the Acropolis Stock Exchange, the Olympic, Spider and others. This is a sample of the system's absence, which ultimately keeps more than 104 billion euros vouchers, while in reality it is a question that 20 billion-

Name of the Big State:

Look at them Outstanding debts of natural persons For State and EFC (data collection 28/06/2019)

Look at them Debt by lawful people And institutions of the state and EFC (Anti Collection 28/06/2019).

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