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Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) have two new operations of 650 million euros


The deputy minister of finance and departments will soon be effective

Minor Operations will be implemented by NSRF, such as "Competitive Toolkit" and "Aid Rewards" targeting micro, small and medium enterprises with a minimum of Rs 400 crore 250 million. Strengthen existing and new clusters of small business entrepreneurs & # 39; Enterprise Practical Toolkit, which are active in retail and small industries.

The new institutions were established in the room of the Greater Chamber of Commerce and Industry in an informative forum organized by the Syria and Economy and Development. Economics and Development Deputy Minister Statise Giapandis announced this information. In addition, the draft law for granting "Micro Credit" to Micro Enterprises, Self-Employees, Personal Individuals, Cultures etc. comes to Parliament soon, which can not be funded in the banking sector.

Funds with guarantee and mortgage for micro credit at Rs 25,000 besides guarantee capital expenditure, investment needs, lease equipments and guaranty upto Rs 25,000 to borrow from other institutions. Entry to this amount will be either by established banks or NGOs, co-operatives or banking institutions like mixed bank carrier schemes.

"He said that he does not help those who have suffered from previous years of crisis and does not help" official "bank loans." Innovative hypermarket of newborns In addition to the Equivalent Fund, an important tool was created to find funds through partnership with existing and dynamic businesses. Panggy Bank is worth $ 200 million including European Investment Fund, European Investment Bank, European Investment Bank, 39 million Europe International Fund and 200 million Euros. A total of 400 million will be allocated.

New NSRF Program

Regarding the NSRF Funds, Jinnah Gadis said: "The ministry of finance and development is in the form of a new challenge for our country: the new NSRF system targets the new cooperative projects". The goal of the new NSRF is to strengthen the critical areas with the development strategies, including innovative, outward features. The Greek government's position in these discussions will be a lever by 2020, with European Union's collective policy. For all economic and social and regional communities of all European Union countries.

"We believe that we do not have to determine the distribution of partition almost on the basis of local GDP, but it is necessary to take into consideration the impact of the crisis in the economies and societies of the most affected member states." There is a clear improvement that we have available at all levels GiannadyDidis added that the room for improvement still exists and that we are working in this direction.

He added that despite the expiry of the country's economic reforms, the government has been implementing an alternate law and a sustainable development model.

"Our next day is taking advantage of the prospects of the Greek economy, which can be taken back nine years later," he added. "Eight years later, a tax release aimed at cuts and downsizing costs, a welfare state, a stabilizing process for employment and entrepreneurship," he explained, "improving the quality of the Greek economy. The fiscal policy of the government is turning to a new dimension for strengthening the disposable income of the family, supporting sustainable development and long-term disadvantages in the social protection sector.

"The new product model promotes products, environmental parameters, and the social situation of production, which is a new mixture, our approach is comprehensive and we plan to work together to promote the real needs of the economy and address the needs of the market."

"Besides that, the government has already proven that one of the available European funds is the best in the country, which has demonstrated the country's best performance in the last three years and the NSRF's first active and physical exploitation in 2014-2020.

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