Tuesday , August 3 2021

Son Cleaner: He was working to feed us

The son of the cleaner: She was working to feed us - what would the parents do if her children were hungry?

The son of his cleaner, who had fought for his mother and his children, was sentenced to ten years in jail, because he had created a certificate of leaving school so that he could be hired.

In the main bulletin of the Open, the 53-year-old son said, "My mother is very old, she was in an orphanage, grew up, took care of the authorities, although she worked hard, she worked for a young age of 11-12 years old. Was. "

"I ask everyone, if parents hate their children, what will they do? They will track the path … we have not talked about what we are talking about, whether it is to earn money or save money or to steal the state. To do it … he was working to feed us, "he said.

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