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Stock market worse worse … worse


An informal match between foreign companies seems to be full-length. Banking shares M.Sc. Will be dismissed by Standing. Other reports should recommend the latest business move on Motorola. Target values.

In any case, when it's an important piece of it Index stocks Negative reports are "frame", otherwise the weak Greek stock exchange, can not expect something remarkable better.

Since that time, it will definitely remain the "magic" of the last kind of auction, which has generally been seized today, less in public coin, Five FTSE25 stocks on a high day (A detailed reference to the follow-up comments).

After the Socialist General and Bernstein, UBS and Woods estimates that the banking shares are going to be a little more appraising.

The removal of Pirass bank from the MSCI emerging market indicates UBS, It is assumed that the bank would be included in the equity index while the Index was revised on November 13. According to UBS, the MCCI Emerging Market will lead to Pirauss Exit Liquidations. 27.32 million, or 19.79 million shares, Summarized in average daily transactions seven days.

On the other hand, S Wood Piraeus's average daily trading activity is estimated at 32 million or 11 million dollars in the last quarter.

According to the above, the overall indexes of banking and the bank's sectoral index are also "seeing" both signs in the meeting. The exchange rate did not help (The least of last four meetings).

More precisely, its role Alpha bank (-0.80%), 1.275% (+ 1.59%), 1.213 Euros (-3.35%), National (-1.52%), 1.33 euros (-4.04%), Eurobank (+ 1,80%) between 0,513 (+ 2,40%) and 0,4856 (-3,07%) Piraeus (-3.83%) to 1.174 (+ 4.54%) to € 1.00 (-10.95%).

According to its analytical department Fast finance SA, The daily "long" "length" is € 1,118. Alabama 1,546 euros per day for "stop short". The Eurobank is € 1,053 "for 0.4860" for long.

Oh Banking Index The last race was 497.68 (+ 1.48%), 471.94 point (-3.77%) and 479.89 (-2.15%) at 17.00. 487 57 units and 0.59% daily loss.

If this indicator is saved from the bottom, be careful Below 463 units, Returns the daily equity selling signal. Reduction in 457 points will add sales and portfolio movements based on short-term charts.

In the banking sector, the tender for selling "red" shipping loans in the banking sector attempted to register the transaction of the deal this year, with a total book value of 800 million euros, Unpublished exposures It also strengthens the total capital adequacy ratio. Last week, Howlin Locke, who worked as an economic advisor, advised investors, the Confirman's Contributory Period for the Nemo Project.

Analysts & # 39; Early Statistics

"Wednesday and Thursday, a certain number of indirriv companies (saranris, o'i'i, titan, 3, UAE, helpline), announces 9-month term results. Invited Community Investment banks and others to assess the velippetuttunnunteayenn information. Ikvarris General Issues General Index n'yayikarikkunnunt to reduce to 600. The European Bang Testing was conducted by the European Union ukalute karutturratanusariccan pressure. Securities cycle.

"The predictions for the elimination of the possibilities of three Greek banks from the associated MSCI indexes continue to concern the next day, but the European Investment Mood improves after the Stress Test, also called" At the same time, the MSCI Emerging Market has continued for the third time in this direction "at the Athens Stock Exchange, Merit s.

He said the banks continue to remain the key sources of domestic fluctuations in the domestic market and the development of negative inventors, indicating a lower level of present-day meeting. Beta se.

The news after last Friday's meeting was very low.

Greece's credit rating is confirmed by the name "BHI", maintaining a positive trend DBRS home. He said the economic performance of the country would be strong and that it is aimed at 2018. However, it makes clear that there is a need for more sustainable development without restorative market access in the country.

Elena Laskar's comment, "Greece does not exist in the current Eurogroup agenda, but is expected to coordinate the meeting because the eurozone finance ministers will consider draft budgets. Italy, The official about the letter has been officially included in the Agenda by the Italian Budget Commission. "

Return to Athens Stock Exchange According to internal review criteria, "the dominant factor is negative psychology and industrial decline.

Moving to it Non Banking 25, This is the first time after three deep sessions. Motor oil (-0.54%, Intra-Day Limited -3.37%), returning to discuss the latest business events of the group.

Following the acquisition of iBG and alpha, the motor oil stake in the US has a negative impact on the US. House Stock Demand In "neutrality", "neutral" The goal of cutting the target from € 20.9 to € 17.00 will be cut.

Participation in motor oil for change of recommendation "Buy", "Sell" Citigroup also made a reduction of € 18.50 from € 23.2.

22.40 Euros and Intermediate 18.40, 18.90, 19.44 and 20.20 Euros. Critical support for € 17.00.

After six consecutive sessions, the title has now been decided " Grillia (+ 1.35%). In the case of Rebate, € 7,84 per day is likely to be a "stop short" in € 7.84 per day.

"Going down" capital shows "small" buyer Ear (+ 12.36%), followed by the Second Regional Conference Fornetnet (+ 19,10%), Audiovisual (+ 2,75%), + 9,30% in the fourth consecutive season, and 4,95% of Central Intelligence (-5.26%) focus on the vision of the salesman.

Without substantial change in the technical data of the main mathematical indexes.

Daily charts General index 600 and 645 are our two main stages, "stop" in the second "daily" "short". The guarantee of 600 is given as a continuation of 580-575.

For the index High Caps (-0.20%), 1600 and 1694 are our two main lines. The second daily "stop short". 1600 settlements are valid till 1561. In 1665 near defense.

Market analysts say

"The report prepared by the three societies outside the MSCI standard for the last two days was enough to put the industry back on the returns, Ilias Sakarakis.

On the other hand, Correcting the MOH The last meetings took off the weather.

The market for 4 weeks is not a matter of concern because of between 610 and 645.

Titan's way out It's not the rumors for good news, buying and firms. In the weeks ahead, elections in the US take place, which affects the market, and the Greek market seems to be in its interest, long enough for good news.

Except for "agarbe" movements In the banking sector, other interaction titles create the underlying efforts. In some cases experiments and assessments can be seen with lower volumes.

On the other hand Until 13th month While we can go last, the banking industry itself will be able to defend itself from MSCI. We remind you that any action will take effect on November 30.

In politics, we seem to have come to our own good The pre-election period, During elections with political developments such as Macedonia or Pensions.

The fact that the banking industry loses half of its capitalization is probably the most important thing since the beginning of the year. "Stress tests" Time. The industry continues to be the largest "barometer" in Agora, with a liquidity when it moves up.

In general, the value-added cash withdrawal has returned to the test, and seems to be tied to today's agora, and the buyers do not have to absorb any offer.

"On the other hand, Real Estate Market Because gold and visa are a bigger interest, we have started to move up and we have been stunned for many years, "said Dr Manmohan Singh, chairman and managing director of Fast Finance AEPEY.

International Economic Development

Since the seller's complete impact, today's meeting of the Asian-Pacific Market was marked.

Mix the signs of Europe At the beginning of Wall Street meeting.

Oil Profit, Euro and Gold Smaller Changes

"H. China It will try to further expand its markets and enhance its imports, "said the president of the country Shi jinging.

China's service sector growth slowed down in October, Caixin and Markit. In the services sector, the PMI had dropped from 53.8 to 50.8 last month. Reading is the lowest reading since September 2017.

"The Sleep European stability system In the countries of the European Union (ESM), it should connect with more stringent standards in the future than in the past. This is a 10 document signed by the finance ministers about the reform of ESM reforms in the Northern and Eastern European countries, the Hancock Union, today's Europe-Europe Brussels Bridge ahead of today's European Groups. "German" Frankfurtfürger Sethuung ".

The ten countries founded in March this year include the Netherlands, Ireland, Finland, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

"The possibility of developing eurozone Even though European Central Bank figures have gone down a bit of a crisis of crisis, the crisis can not cope.

Business activity Service in the UK Last month was slow. In October, PMHI's IIMS market dropped 52.2 points, and fell from 53.9 in March to less than in March.

Entrepreneurial expectations for more activities within the next 12 months will be the weakest since July of 2016.

Trust in the European economy According to two surveys, continuance has continued to decline.

In the survey conducted by 1000 Investors' Index, the index rose to 8.8 points, its lowest reading since October, 2016.

At the same time The Institute of EP By the middle of 2016, the economic climate in the block was the lowest in the fourth quarter.

European Central Bank Vice President Vice President Lou de Givantos says 40 per cent of the banking sector assets should be strengthened by these twelve eurozone banks.

Service area in the US Traveled in October. In September, the ISM Services index fell to 60.3 points from 61.6 in the previous week. The index will drop to 59.3 points.

Return to ATHEX

"Net profit declined to € 343.5 million in the nine months, an increase of 26.5 percent, and the IBG target of € 8.40 billion, part of the list. സ്റ്റോക്ക് എക്സ്ചേഞ്ചിന്റെ കണക്കുകൾ പ്രകാരം, ഇൻവെസ്റ്റിഗെൻറുകളുടെ നേട്ടം, അസാധാരണമായ ഫലങ്ങൾ ഒഴിവാക്കി ഗ്രൂപ്പിന്റെ മൊത്തം ലാഭം 30% കുറഞ്ഞ് 219 മില്യൺ യൂറോ കുറയും.

അപ്പോൾ മുതൽ, പൊതു സൂചിക 621.89 (+ 0.40%), 610.42 പോയിന്റ് (-1.45%) എന്നിവയ്ക്കിടയിൽ പോയി. 17.00 ന് അദ്ദേഹം 615.56 (-0.62%) ൽ എത്തി, അവസാനത്തെ ലേലത്തിൽ 618.84 പോയിൻറിൽ അവസാനിച്ചു, 0.09% മാഴ്ച്ചൽ നഷ്ടം.

വിറ്റുവരവ് 32.2 മില്ല്യണായി, ഇതിൽ 1.6 ദശലക്ഷം മുൻകൂട്ടിയുള്ള ഇടപാടുകൾ (ഒ.ഇ.ടിയു, പിഇഇപി, എം.എച്ച്) ഒഎൻഇ, എം.എച്ച്, പിഇഇപി, യുആർറോബി, ആകെ മൊത്തം ഇടപാടിന്റെ 53 ശതമാനം ആകർഷിച്ചു.

അതിന്റെ ഓഹരികൾ മുതൽ ഉയർന്ന ക്യാപ്സ്, പോസിറ്റീവ് അടയാളം ARAIG, ഇഇഇ, പിപിഎയുമായി ബന്ധപ്പെടുന്നില്ല. അവസാന ലേലത്തിന്റെ അടിസ്ഥാനത്തിൽ, EYDAP- ഉം സരനിയേസും കുറഞ്ഞ ദിവസം അടച്ചിടപ്പെട്ടു, ഒപ്പം GECTERNA- ൽ, പെട്രോളിയം, ഒപിപി, ഗ്രേറിയാലിയ, ജംബോ.

അന്തിമ ചിത്രം മോശമാണ് 54 വീതം കുറവുള്ള ഷെയറുകളുമായി താരതമ്യം ചെയ്യുമ്പോൾ 35 ഓഹരികൾ കൂടി16 സ്ഥാനാർത്ഥികൾ ദിവസേന നഷ്ടം 3 ശതമാനം കവിയുന്നു.

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