Saturday , October 1 2022

Successful landing of NASA's Insight spacecraft on Mars (Video) | World


US Space Service Insight Space Science Ship successfully landed on the planet Mars. Its scientific purpose is not less than the internal lessons of "red planet" but its earthquakes.

It was NASA's first landing from the 2012 (Rover Curiosity) and the first time a robotic geological laboratory will study the internal, structural and spiritual activity of Mars, not specifically Mars but any other planet outside the Earth. .

484 million-mile travel at 19,800 kilometers / hour, Insight removed eight kilometers per hour at its speed and "soft" landed on the neighboring planet.

Weighing about one meter (358 pounds), Insight is a triploid static geophysical detector, which does not advance like a rovers already on the "red" planet. It was launched from Earth on May 5, and its target is a large flat area of ​​Mars, which was called the Illisium Planitia, 130 km. Long and 27 km Wide, just north of the Marian Equator, the "Mars".

The first photo of Insight sent by Mars

From a standing position, Insight will begin mapping the "heart" of Mars after about three months, during which time required to examine and its scientific instruments will be operated.

Fortunately for NASA, the planet that eclipses for months has now been settled and the landing area looks clear and quiet.

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