Monday , June 5 2023

Taxes and Fear to Capture "Chewed" Treasures Greek Economy


By the end of September, 142 billion homes and business investments fell to $ 141.6 billion by the end of October. In the first week of November, the € 200 million was withdrawn from the debt burden. In the week ending last week, it was worth $ 141.4 billion.

Increasing tax liabilities, at the end of the third quarter, were "harassed" by deposits in bank banks of some Greek families that have fallen in the past month and have surpassed the trend to reach up to August.

This is evident from data published by "K". About 600 million euros in deposits have decreased from the end of September at the end of September. In particular, 142 billion dollars dropped to $ 141.6 billion at the end of September and $ 141.6 billion in late October, In the first week of November, 200 million euro banks were withdrawn. In the previous week it was $ 141.4 billion. It is estimated that the investment will be 141.9 billion US dollars by the end of August.

The outside world, which seems to create anxiety for the banks because they have no reason to forge an inconvenience in the economy. Instead, it is pointed out that the liability of businessmen and families in the last months of the year is taxable. Furthermore, there has been a further popular fear of removal of the secrecy of banks transmitted to the state. From September to December, the Acceptable and Legitimate Persons for Income Taxes shall be added to the repayment of NIFAA.

The Bank of Greece data reveals that if there is enough calculation to prevent a more significant reduction in the ALA. As announced today by the Bank of Greece yesterday, the ELA limit for Greek banks decreased by € 4.9 billion to € 100 million from December 13, 2013. According to the announcement of the bank, "reduction in 100 million euros, reflecting the progress of Greek luxury livelihood and receiving access from private investments to banks and financial markets," the record is not recorded as a significant increase in dependence on the U.S. From now on, two Greek banks, ethnikis and piras have zero given ELA. With the banking of Alpha Bank and Eurobank, by the end of the year, Bank has not invested in investments, it adds the necessary liquidity from the interbank market. However, as the economy is emerging, the liquidation of the shortening of businesses is checked to see that their homeowners are seeing decrease.

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