Monday , June 5 2023

The mix comes with the mix of 3mm 960's and video in Super Slo-Mon 3 Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mix 2.


The new Xiaomi mi-mix 3 has released two additional features on the camera. From Xiaomi Mi Mi 8, 960FPS Super-Slow Motion Video Recording Lite increases the effects of photos while lighting the Super Night scene mode.

Both the Xiaomi min mix 3 and the Xiaomi Mi 8 mix 2 mix are the same, both socialism and pair are unofficial, these features are MIX 3-> Mi 8, but you do not have to rely on Alkheim.

Because Xiaomi itself has included these two features in the beta on the Chinese MIUI 8.11.8 version they will soon or later have global transfer so they will find their way through the stable version of the ROM.

Although MiM and MiM2 2 can not be considered "Old", Xiaomi is still counting your main flag, which continues to enrich the features that add to their new handsets.

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