Friday , January 27 2023

The numbers were: "Georges" and "Maria" are the most common names


Many groups and family argue which name is the most popular name in Greek, but until recently – no one can safely and confidently claim the most common Greek name.

When the science of statistics and statistics comes in the middle, things are very clear and they can give us a clear picture of the most popular Greek names.

Therefore, according to ELSTAT, the male name "gorges" and female "Maria" is the most common name in Greek.

In particular, "George" is the 8.3% of the most popular male, which is the first place on the related list, while "Maria" is responsible for 8.3% and is the first in the woman's name.

"John" with 6.5% in second place in men's name, followed by Dimitri III with 6.4% and respiratory distances. The first five were completed – without any surprise – "Konstantinos" and "Nikos" respectively, 6% and 5.7%.

As far as the female names are concerned, Alene has 5.2% and Qatar with 3.7%. The first five "Vasiliki" 3.2% and "Sofia" are closed by 2.3%.

# The most popular names in Greece are as per the percentage (%) of the permanent population of men and women.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the names of the five most common men are 33.4%, while female names are only 22.7%.


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