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The weather today


The weather today

On Sunday, November 4, 2018, clouds will become denser, except the eastern aegean, where the weather will be warm. Some local rain is expected in Sporades, Evia, Crete and East Thessaly, Sterea and Peloponnese. Night vision is limited at local level.

The northern continent's temperature ranges from 9 to 20 degrees, except for Western Macedonia, where it is 2-4 degrees lower, the west and south continents are 13 to 26, the rest of the continent is between 11 to 20 in the Ionian islands, 16 to 23, Aegean Islands 13-25, Aegean Islands 15 to 21, and Crete 17 to 21.

The North Aegean wind blows from northeastern 5 to 7 beaufort. In the Central and South Aegean, winds ranging from 5 to 7 in the north and north-east are blown, with the exception of the South East Aegean Islands, from 3 to 5. In the good wind, the edges swell from east to 4 to 6 and local wave 7.

Attica's mild clouds are expected to be denser. Local rain is likely to be in the north of the county. The winds blow from the north 3 to 5 and the local 6 beauforts. The temperature in the center of Athens is between 16 and 20 degrees.

Light clouds are expected in Thessaloniki, which will be denser at times. Winds blow changing titles to 3 beauforts. Night vision is limited at local level. The city center temperature ranges from 10 to 18 degrees.

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