Monday , August 15 2022

Thessaloniki: The anti-imperialist course is very big and dynamic (Video – Photo)


In the 45th anniversary of the Polytechnic aggression, the anti-imperialist course in Thessaloniki was vast and dynamic.

This was done on the main streets of the US Consulate's city. In a symbolic resolution, the US flag and the anti-cyclone slogans poured atmosphere: "Do not Give Earth and Water to Killers" "They Are Lambraki – Beloyianni, killing the killers of the American people", "Work ahead, now a punch, the movements and the capitalists."

Student Association, Student Coordinator, Employees Association, Institutions, Women's Association, KKE and KNEE blocks have special energy.

At the core level, the banner of the league in jail was written 67-74 in "November 1973, forever Fascism".

"He pursued the Student Association and the co-ordinated students who wrote outside the United States, polytechnic lives, and outside NATO, Americans, and then the PM, OJG, unions and bodies.

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