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Thessaloniki: The Episodes of an Event with Speaker Gaggolo – The Minister Did not Talk – Society


A noon conference was held in the second cycle of the cycle league in Thessaloniki, together with Costas Gagoolo, the Speaker of the Ministry of Education. A new examination system for students of first and second grade schools for admission into Tertiary Education. At the school, students, students, student clubs, and ross imitites tried to go to high school to protest against the ministry policy.

The policemen were not allowed to access them. When the group duped the police and tried to overtake the police, they responded to chemicals and glymes. The confrontation was over. But the organizers decided to cancel the event.

"In the second Cykon High School, we called Golgollo, and we invited four parents, parents, students and educators to inform us about their concerns and about the issues we're discussing about our Bill," said Parents and Guardians Association Sykies at the ceiling, said President of Petros Syriopoulos. "Unfortunately, on the one hand, both Matte and the revolutionary organizations exist, and I do not know what happened," said Cypriole. "We like school and we are organizing an event for parents and students," said Syikeon, director of Poulio Pouliopoulos, on 2nd Plenary.

As part of the protests, Tanasis Coconas, president of the Central Macedonia Federation of Parents Association, said: "We have come to protest against the minister and they have tried to hold a discussion with the organizers."

"Theslonian and other LMAs have been protesting since the first Helmie, because the minister came to talk to some parents about the new Liszyme, and thousands of teachers were missing from school," said Despina Dassiaou, President of the First Leme Tecnologie.

Finally, members of the Macedonia Strikes Committee of Thessaloniki collected Greek flags and shouted slogans against the government.
In the statement of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), "In Thessaloniki, the Federation of Parents of Central Macedonia, students clubs, teachers, police's chemicals or grenades are denying the police provocative attacks, to cancel the speaker's educational program".

"The authoritarianism of the government utilizes because its policy is unexpected." Of course, only the education of the Ministry of Government and political leadership and supporters of the original cartoonist's face it, the progressive policy "," KK is always higher in the young people and the fight will be asked by the government's punaraviskkarana project adhunikavalkkarikkanulla vidyabhyasattinumetire Causation. Their gowns ".

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