Over the past two years, there have been numerous reports connecting Xiaomi automotive industry. However, the most probable situation suggests that the Xiaomi automotive industry will intervene directly but will work with existing companies in the field. The dominance of "smart" cars has led many car makers to work with artificial intelligence, technology companies, and connect cars to other sectors. The final goal of all is to provide consumers with the best experience. Shiao's digital voice assistant, Xiao, will soon find a way to the car.


Today, Xiaoomi Group signed a strategic agreement with FAW car company. Kui Baqui, Vice President of Xiaomi Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Platform, participated in the signature program. According to the official introduction, Xiaomi will now work with the FWD in a deep partnership with artificial intelligence, smart devices, and things Internet.

Strengthen "smart" cars and give customers better and better driving experience. ZiaoI achieved the ground with Siaao mobile phones and IOT devices. This collaboration with car makers will develop Xiaoyi application areas.