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Volos: 47-year-old mother who grew up and went to Medicine!


Published: 30.06.2019 02:52

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A multi-faceted personality striking "roof" in this year's Penhellenic exam, Volos is a family woman.

Smaragada Liitzikou is an activist, she is both a mother and a woman At 47, her dream has come true: She did not even attend Medical School at Thaisli University but she also got a high score In the Panhellic exam, it reached 19,435 points.

Speaking to Smaragda Liitzika, APE-MPA said that "The goal was to go to university and be a doctor. I spent two years in Volos' third EPL, I did not have a tutorial, and at the same time I worked as a nurse in a large private clinic in Volos. My dream becomes reality and gets flesh and bones I am also responsible for my family and my club, because I am an organization of Health Care Officers of Magnesia, Volos Labor I am the Chairman of Inter-Services Administration and Chairman of Equal Equality Framework. "

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