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War zone – disasters in the NTCA – attacks on members of Syria – SAK (


The image of destruction The history of Polytechnic and the extensive area of ​​Exarcheia, left over to the vast episodes of polytechnics anniversary. Several firefighters were shot dead by the Polytechnic Gate. A barrage was set up for police and storm molotov attacks against police officers outside the Forum.

Police Special Vehicles are known for continuous use of water jets "Aura" was appointed after years. Molotov bombs and other objects will be exploded. Mainly, stenaris, using tear glasses and mirrors.

In the polytechnic sector, it was destroyed by strong youth A gateway to the Foundation's Portal. Young people snatched the baric wards Dolson Molotov Bombs, National Technical University, Stones and many other things have been cut off by police and made with mirrors and glitters.

Episodes are progressing after 7pm. They use a base station in various parts of the country, depending on the police officers on gas cylinders, flying stones and molotov bombs against police officers. Similar episodes are recorded on the streets of Storedari, Tositsa and Tsamadou.

Men and women without representation When the members of Sirsa crossed Outside the US Embassy. In the presence of party leaders such as ministers, deputies, puppets, scouts, and rugas, strangers throw water, pipe and eggs into Syria's block.

Eight people were arrested after the afternoon. Some stoned Morotte out of Gada and stoned the police.

The 45th anniversary of polytechnics took place approximately 3,000 to 4,000 people.

Thessalonica and episodes have also been recorded, where Polytechnic School attacks Ignosio Odos in violation of police force.
In fact, they set road blocks and burned them into the fiery furnace. Athens only 5,000 police officers are immersed in the morning.

The 45th anniversary of this year's patriotic anniversary honored two different sessions and marriages. The police had five additions to the small episodes in the city.

Athens All roads are open, Apart from Polytechnic and Vasilis Sophia, between the Athens and the Hilton Tower. Metro stations have been opened to "Megan Mowas", "Evangelismos" and "Syntagma".

When the Polytechnic Gate was closed, student clubs went through the concentration camp and went to the Clemomonose Square. 1967-1974 is a team of defense personnel who are in detention from the jail prematurely.

At the same time he conducted a paradigm course with a concert in Omonia.

At 16.30 noon, the block was completed with the flags of the Polytechnic in front of the American Embassy. When the protesters arrived, they searched the national anthem. The arms above the flag were lifted and crushed and crushed.

Since morning, the foundation's doors have opened up the world, giving them a flower or a rod. However, due to fear of episodes and presence of anti-authenticity in the field, the world that came to polytechnic on Saturday was awaited.

Memorial, remembered by the Memorial of November 17, 1973, does not pay Polytechnic doors as usual.

Earlier, students outside the polytechnic school of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki did not allow the Association of Prisons President and Exile Residents to raise tons of 1967-1974.

In new tension students The Chairman of the Employees' Employers of Thessaloniki, Panayotis Serapoulides, did not allow entry of Mayapot Saigon and Simo Daniels. As students emphasize, they will not allow anyone to join Sirsa.

Polytechnic's central building, "Everfoff", is under attack against authenticity.

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