Saturday , April 1 2023

Xbox is created without Microsoft Optical Disk Support


Within the next two years Microsoft's next generation is set to be present, but still the optical disks are not supported up to that day.

According to a Thurrott website, the company is expected to launch an upgraded version of the Xbox One soon, but the next generation General Console is preparing for the 2020. These are the handsets family Code name scarlet In this, according to the report, the slot of conventional optical disks will be lost.

As Microsoft continues to buy their games in a large part of the disk format, Microsoft is preparing a large transition program with a disk name-to-digital name. Digital code discs will be transferred to selected selectors in the "selected" programs by physical games (disks) as digital downloads.

The US company's goal is to bring a new console to the lowest price today. Today, in the United States, Xbox One S Consoles costs $ 300, the target is $ 200 or down. The site's publication suggests that the first version of Microsoft will be introduced without the Optic Disk support in the spring of 2019. Of course, Microsoft did not comment on publishing itself.

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