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Modi offered to visit Maldives – News – Arti Central Radio

Modi offered to visit Maldives – News – Arti Central Radio

  • Time: 2018-11-19 13:14
  • News Quote: Central News Agency
  • Writing Editor: Yang Shawon

Ibrahim Mohammed Solihah (AFP)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the inaugural ceremony of Maldives President Ebrahim Mohammad Solih. Sooryi will visit India in December. The friendly relationship between China and the Maldives has resumed boldly.

Relations between the Maldives and India slowly diminished during the rule of Maldivans' strong president Abdullah Yemin. But when Sori was sworn in as President, Sori first came to power and brought India to India. The Maldives came to India, and a friendly relationship with India resumed.

Sooryi's visit to India is part of an attempt to overthrow China's influence in Maldives, reported by The Economic Times in India (19th).

Modi is welcome to visit India in December. New Zealand will visit Maldives on 26th of this month.

The newspaper reported that the Modi government's support to Maldives in remote areas from Maldives has been a source of support and solicited assistance for reducing dependence of Maldives in China. .

He explained to Madrid about the serious economic situation facing the Maldives: the Maldives need to urgently improve the development of homes and basic infrastructure, and ensure water supply and sewage treatment in the port of the island.

Both countries should soon be willing to help with the Maldives' need to ensure that India will be able to provide sustainable social and economic development and provide all assistance.

One-fourth of Maldives Maldif's annual Gross Domestic Product for Maldives to deal with Maldives, 1.5 billion debt in Maldives, Maldives debt, and financial assistance from countries like India and the US.

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