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Relationship between the two sides of Taiwan Strait, scholars and worries, is worse than the two Koreas. Taiwan's international sector is a more milestone. Industry News | Latest News


▲ President Tsai Inge-Van. (Information / Presidential Office)
▲ President Tsai Inge-Van. (Information / Presidential Office)

South Korean President Van Zay and North Korean leader Kim Jong-held on April 27 and two Korean summits. This summit, which has attracted worldwide attention, has not only introduced a new chapter in history, but the beginning of a new era of peace is also a symbol. On the mainland, it seems that the bilateral relationship wants to break the ice, it is still a distant goal. Is it really difficult to connect hands to both sides? Business Development and China Institute of Business Studies Institute of Business Development and Policy Director Huang Zhoran in an interview with News Today News said that cross-relationship relationships have been spoiled. Speaking in mainland China, Taiwan will lose many opportunities to make friends, enable international communication weakness. Taiwan's enterprises and government policies will be very harmful in their implementation.

Both the historic summit of Korea ended in the eyes of the international media. Kim Jong-un and Van Zie-announced that they will end the hostile relationship between the two countries and work on the unreliability of the Korean Peninsula. On the other hand, diplomatic relations with cross-country relations, Taiwan's Dominica, announced that they have broken political ties and made Taiwan more milestone internationally.

Regarding cross-strait relations with the importance of the two Korea Summit, Huang Zorain believes that the relationship between the two sides of the Strait is based on "China-US-Taiwan relations". This concept is different. He explained: "Both Koreans are all members of the United Nations, and they are both behind. Big Brother, South Korea is behind the United States, North Korea is behind China, it's not like cross-strait relations."

At the economic level, Huang Zohor talked about the past. He said that Western Free Market, led by Taiwan United States, was an economy. Economic policies were originally "exited" and established long-term and deep relationships with European and American markets. However, Taiwanese traders started developing mainland China in the 1990s. In fact, many ways in the mainland economic growth have contributed by Taiwanese traders, such as Alibaba and Vishesh, and some of them have been developed based on Taiwan's information talent.

Paying attention to the development of cross-strait relations, Huang Zorain points out this issue: "In the current situation, cross-relationship relationships are getting worse, so the rules and sounds of the whole game are in China." At this point, they started moving to Taiwan, spreading rapidly in the Chinese mainland market, and through the integration of land adventures and Taiwan enterprises, such as they allow a quick list of the Honorable Hai group in the stock, and Huetti's 31 policies are in fact under implementation of the grand strategy. A strategy for Taiwan

Huang Zorain said that the Chinese mainland is very clear that Taiwan's biggest contribution to them is "cultural thinking is consistent." Then there "there is no barrier to language communication." The third issue is that they always recognize that "Taiwan is part of China."

They believe that what Taiwan should now worry about is "a problem of gradual withdrawal". Huang Zahren said: "In cross-strait relations, it will be difficult to participate in many bilateral, multilateral or regional trade agreements except for international politics. Many markets have been rejected, and Taiwan has lost a lot, friendship will also weaken the impact." Said that in such circumstances, Taiwan's ability to communicate internationally will weaken and weakened Will be done. As a result, Taiwan's enterprises and government policies will be affected and it will be very difficult to implement and dock.

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