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Stan Lee is surprised by the end of life, slogans keep track of the fans[影] Entertainment | Key news

(Central website agency website, 17) If you do not know Stan Lee, how can you claim to be a superhero fan? On November 12, Stan Lee, the American comedian, passed away. Marvel Films' glorification of 10 years was given to fans and fans. The life of his 95 years is amazing, and one of the manufacturers of the name "Stan Lee" is known.

Stan Lee died of cerebral bleeding. Every actress in her life mourns. Stan Lee's Twitter account came out at the age of 15, when Stan Lee was interviewed and he talked about the fun of the fans. Stan Lee said he liked his fans.

Members of the six "Hegars" who worked with Stan published a vast publication in the magazine "Hollywood Reality" magazine. It's a full-fledged parent, "Black Widow" Sick Lee Lee Quao Hansen "Sol" Chris Hansworth, "Hook" Mark Raffloso, "Iron Man" Robert Loffini , "Eagle Eye" Yerevan by Reena, "Captain America" ​​Chris Evans.

"We have hundreds of thousands of people to get a job as an honor Stalin and creative contribution over the years, and continues to give joy to millions of viewers, especially his unique wisdom, dignity, and humility. Star, we love you, we will miss you, your success as a Che jivitanettannalkk We value the opportunity to get iya vaktavakan. "

This text touched many movie audiences, and Stan Lee's old comic book raised the memory of fans.

For more than a decade, due to the inevitable picture of the egg, many people are aware of Marvel's father everywhere. Stan Lee was a courier, librarian or New York paribar. They searched for a superhero at the central park. In 2007, the movie "AmiGery for Superman" was released and, on the big screen, refused to participate in the hero's marriage. He laughed and laughed at several symbols.

As all the superheroes in the pen start normally, his real name is Stanley. Martin. She was born at Lee Bose's immigrant family, and she studied at Public High School. It was the first in 1939, when the 16-year-old Bhimra had written for the timeless comic.

Two years later, a comic book was published using the pseudonym "Stan Lee". In 1942, an army was deployed, but his comedy career without interruption, he had occasionally painted cartoons. The comic strip generated by Shy Dunni after the comic company returned four years later, seemed to be significantly reduced but the ending of the "heroes is always like".

In the 1960s, the success of "Dynamics" in the success of "Dynamics" in the "DC manga" reorganized the comic industry, the mainstream of Comics began, and Marvel Comics created more superheroes. Amazing 4 Superman is Stan Lee's first superhero series. He and his team worked together for Mr. Amigl, Invisible Woman, Bonfire and Stone Mann.

Some of these characters have a bad attitude. Others love little or no depression, often making little noise. Although they are superheroes, they are like every reader. Many people are less susceptible and self-doubting. Why are they so touched and popular?

Stan Lee created the first shot of the Mael Revolution for those variations due to the difference in Don Banner and Peter Park, This influenced the new generation of directors like "Unlimited War" directors such as Jose Russell and Antonio Russell. Readers of the future generate the world Malvel with the help of movie and television.

In the late 1960s, Stan Lee Comic led the arts, society and editorial office of the work, not only as a cartoonist but also a mathematical method of mathematics. Responsibilities.

In addition to rote discrimination and a predecessor in the comic plot against the real society, the term "stanz's soapbox" is filled with his words. The word "eslatics" is "stan". Lee's best picture.

Stan Lee is writing a story for a 30-year-old younger generation who knows how many young people understand the youth's logic and value.

Malvell strives to say how racism is still legitimate, how goodness in a story about humanity and how to behave in the same way with everyone. Stan Lee said that readers were ready to listen to their words and used cartoons as "these words were needed."

"Strong skill, more responsibility." Stan Lee is definitely influenced by American culture. He is an actor in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a well-known artist who won the National Art Medal in the White House. Always a fan of the hearts of fans, a smile with a smile, you and me have a good story. 1071117 (Editor: Sheng Yijun)

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