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The Global Talent Report is sixth in the 18th Asian country, Hong Kong

Global Talent Report ranked 18th in second place in Hong Kong

20/11/2018 3:51
Lausanne was ranked sixth, followed by Denmark, Norway, Austria and the Netherlands. Singapore is followed by Singapore (2), Hong Kong (2) and Taiwan (4).
More than 6,000 senior officials in 63 different world economies have demonstrated a diverse economy in three main categories: performance, education, employment training, training, language skills, life cost, living standards, rewards and tax rates, including investment, development, attractive and voluntary.
Single and Hong Kong Talent has achieved excellent results based on the competition. Besides, the report points out that foreign professionals are attracting foreign tourists. However, they are relatively behind the common education investment.
As for China, it is difficult to attract foreign skilled workers, and education development is much less than the other developed economy, ranking rankings.

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