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What is the negative description of "overkill yi gun road"? The number of people named "L4D2" and "garbage" ? | Sprayed with 4Gamers


Until November 10, OVERKILL's "The Walking Dead" was reviewed in 4 days for 4 days. Steam players became "junk" in the eyes. You still have a chance to change it.

In fact, from Red "World War II" (from "Lion Game Lion OVERKILL Studios Team"), Starr's is a publisher of work related to OVERKILL STUDIO. How to evaluate this game is that most of the evaluations are the first and the most important, the good words are said before, but I can not do that …

But, unfortunately, "Overny Yin Gam Road" has been purchased from the beginning, and it brought you a series of negative experiences. Yes, the players who did not get the negative comment of the steam did not lie.From

Life is already very difficult, some things do not pass. That's right, what happened to the OVERKILL studio?

Unpacking installation than when downloaded

The age of the Internet is not a problem with the 19GB capacity, but it also takes time to allow the driver to leave hard disk space, and download 25 MB faster than a gesture. Like the wall, the whole installation process is just like "in the world" in the DO.

The editors needed about 30 minutes to read half a book. The rest of the time told me about 7 minutes. As commentators say, there are a few players who can complain about this.

Read, wait, read, wait

After waiting for a long time, get the game like "Padea 2", presenting the basic level of the game, the first "first shot" near George Town, it's simply the beginning of the game with the preventive base.

But each match can be played by making matches, and this should not be a standard game, so the whole pair is too long. The overseas yin shawwu was released on 6th. One pair of 4 people can take 3 to 5 minutes, which is hard to discourage.

The group of 4 people will definitely have to read it. It does not matter, it's the wait for us to kill the jail! As the side is preparing to stay enthusiastic, more frustrating things will happen again …

You may be skeptical about getting a bad line of getting "error code"

Yeah, it's like a stream of rags, I thought the sound of the steam was broken, and I thought my skills were not bad, but the "error code" suddenly hit me up. It took a ten minute walk and got four people, and the second time I did pair "error code: sunset" again …

This topic was only three times, and the editor again minimized this image and finally completed four more. Finally, I entered the first level, initially crashed through the Games in the North Gate and hit the first song of the last game, so I was excited. It was found that classmates had already used the submarine gun to shoot the first gang.

When I turned to my head and was ready to help build fortresses, the second error code, like the "base camp" collected …

Coach, I would just touch the head of tea shop! One and a half hours after I purchased this game. Before I killed a mistake, I got two mistakes. Does this error code specifically name it or can it earn?

In fact, in addition to sunset and bass camp, there is one wrong thing that calls "the tent", which certainly means that "in hell or flowing water" is not near the tent in the second stage.

The bag is much more familiar with jumps

There is a bug in each game, and many players will find an unexpected bug after the release of the previous game. This kind of probability is not high, as Steam suggests you are the best person or the one who complains about common bugs, the possibility of the men you meet.

But that day was my choice. Because, since I was not able to stand on the first level (I was beaten with fire).

The easiest image in the original editing process is the cardon, the wall through the garden, the most serious card point bug, and many players who play beta complain that the game still is completely optimized once the game is listed. it seems.

By the way, the team successfully completed the first level of "First Shot" and has been set up thrice, since it shows that this game is still a difficult time.

The game can be played, the system is innovative but the overall lack of surprises

"Overny Ghost Road" is basically "Paiday 2" "Like Left 4 Dead" mode. It can understand, start, and start well those who are familiar with "paddy 2". The system share (open at maximum 6 characters) and the base system has its own unique features.

Each character has its own abilities, and the size of these characters is divided.Thus, in the first stage, a particular character may add more advantages to the battle, but the relative competition in the wild group is low.

The spectacular performance of "Ghost Road" is not exaggerated as "Left 4 Dead" but the number is very large, the player's early fight is very low, and the initial forest experience is very disappointing, with limited firearms and limited physical strength (hands-free attack) consumption capacity.

In addition to expanding this character, you can save a player to join his own camp in real time. Moreover, existing base partners, who are more dependent on survival, have the idea of ​​a game of redemption that makes consumption advantage more superficial. You need to get resources from the task at the head, and the job is distributed properly and based on upgrading makes it much more difficult to unlock.

It seems that the gameplay of the previous "Paid 2" mode is copied, although hard hardware survival is difficult but many systems and game experiences are considered, even if it does not have a penalty.

You're awesome here, even though you're killing the blazing ones, playing "Left 4 Dead 2" and playing in the tank.

Even though it's killing people, you played "pedatiyas and duras, you can not find many marvels here.

If you really want to play, the first 3 guns are ready to go the same way.

The editor does not try to prevent you from buying this game. I'm still not sure what the other three best friends are all in the pit, even if I have three bad languages. Join, in the process of playing, I believe that difficulty is a little less, and can add more emotions to each other. When the whole army arrived, you know that the game is the same.

By the way, the overwhelming critique of the oversight of the tomb is a very critical factor, that is, the price in this sector is different. According to SteamDataBase, the "Overkill ghost road" sells in US $ 59.99, which is the NTT. Is equal to $ 1,847.

Fortunately, we bought only 858 yuan on the OVERKILL Yin Chuang Road in Taiwan, it's still fun if the OVERKILL team can adjust the pre-game optimization issues and the negative experience for half the price of the US. However, on the basis of the same record of steam, the "4 Dead 2 Left" players were more than "overkill yen chong road".


I thought the "Overtheil Yin Shuang Look" was a sumpy masterpiece for many players who have been waiting for many players in the past year, and now the overworking body is badly optimized and unexpected, and the former collection of "Payday 2" and the Over Kild team is still being used. Happiness.

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