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A huge DM, cs Tokodak, Gothe and Yur


HVK is one of the centers of Europe, because of its huge towers, it is a European business actress, but Frankfurt has at least as much interest in history as modern interest. On a short walk, we get acquainted with the red mood, the current tilting, and the vivid memories we hold.

Frankfurt – Frankfurt Main, which means Frankfurt-Maine, is easily accessible from Hungary, a low-cost replica train, and we recently opted for the latter. You can choose to visit it for a long time, for example, or find a big house in the city. Mr. just becauseThe tremendous diversity of genealogies is very different.And the international, international replica of the city is huge – Hungarian discounts are coming here – and it's easy and fast to get to the center. From there you can easily reach the city and beyond: car lovers won't miss it: a great museum for ordinary women fans.

I live in Frankfurt and am modernForce: Juhter Peter

One of Germany's largest cities is always referred to as Manhattan, one of Europe's most important cities and one of Europe's most important financial centers. It is true that the growing rumors in the band of the mainland, compared to the bank quarter, are the terms of commercial contracts, acquisitions, stock market quotes, which may spark ideas rather than cultural.

We have a car fan Secret Nun

While the towers are full of glamorous TVs, they are a little off, and they are amazing. The latter is not a mystery Frankfurt, but it is only a long tram ride from the center, classicstadt is the first.

And Classicstate is not one of the most famous autism museums on the continent, nor is it a museum at all.

, Lately, it is a secluded sanctuary built and run by passionate people in the city, home to one of the most important autistic murders in the world every day. The Classicstate is really a thousand places so great that I can understand it myself, even though I'm not a dedicated car enthusiast.

There is no car fan that can't be thrown through too many storiesForce: Juhter Peter

"Classic Vros" is an attractive old-fashioned gypsy that is admired by many women: old timers, vintage and classic cars as well as modern super merchandise can be seen here, with old lovers still working as brand dealers and With much interest.Because this place is home to some classic cars, But the A.C.R. Collectors can put their own species here, they will definitely have a new place. You can include a feature for sale here, as you might have for sale. Some rooms of the former Gir have also been illuminated. And the enormous multi-level plot is completely free to download – lots of cars are available, of course – and you can do it yourself. He is not allowed to take pictures only where he has references.Not surprising that everyone looks at the museum, though it only partially covers the state.

And if that wasn't enough, Classicstadt would visit the hut daily, and there would be some cool events in the yard. When we got there, it was in the Porsche, where the cooling air cooler was unobtrusively adjusted. And bring music, bf, room and all that to serve the place at the same time for cars, lovers.

Mr. Porsche was held in the negotiating yard – and not all of these carsForce: Juhter Peter

As I have said, those who do not seek cultural worship and surnames in Frankfurt. The city has a very broad understanding of this, and many tourists make sense, many of whom are interested.

66 yards Frankfurt fl .t

One of Frankfurt's most important, fascinating and influential plots is the St. Bartholomew's Muse, Kaiserum or Csszrdm. The river is located on the bank of the main river, at the same time giving a time and timeframe to a magnificent plaza city, the other end of which is now irritating. Indeed, Pusci had never had a cathedral, but it would be inappropriate to underestimate the importance of the temple, as it served more in the early years than the Nematarmian catharsis of Coron. The current temple leaves Sri. Century.

One of the most important attractions of the temple is the height of the single tower and the appearance it offers.Thousands of euros have to be paid, which in turn can lead to a narrow spiral, at a height of 66 66 meters, looking downwards and clawing in the middle of the wall. Here’s to wishing and facilitating! Standing on the old patio, we breathe a breathtaking panorama. Frankfurt, with its colorful, vibrant, intimate city, its tranquility and its distant business district, lies before us. No wonder if you go on the sidewalk and don't really want to leave the hangman and click on their lightpids to try to steal something from the light.

Panorama on Csszrdmbl at 66 meters high altitudeForce: Juhter Peter

At one point, of course, this is about to end, but Frankfurt has a lot to get back on the street. Those who look down the aisles from here can also do in the modern skyscrapers of the Maine Tower. Now we have omitted this instead of focusing on the Om Tehrikas tradition, which did not spoil a lot of gossip.

Temples, goats and one of the largest euros in the world

The red center was found on foot. We saw Rommert, Wroshazza 1400 Wake at the beginning of the plaque, and St. P.S. Weeds, and other traditional plaques in the church. We also have very intensive HVTV training, which also introduces the modern Verslutak. There are many museums in the center of the city, one minute away from the other, which are equally beautiful and showcase modern art, so that everyone can enjoy it.

Vrushza is the rite of passageForce: Juhter Peter

Walking through the squares and into the streets – and not to say wrong – we pass by small and small shops, but as we move a little farther from Majesty to the entry point, we can quickly find a classic room.

What's really new in downtown Frankfurt is the fact that the traditional city palace has a whole lot of cheese-like atmosphere popping up in our display, with its many squares, colors, street corners and modern business palaces.At the same time, there is an image of all things.And what surprised me, though it changed drastically, was that it did not give the impression of being "dirty" or overweight, which certainly cannot be said for many Europeans suffering from tourism.

There are plenty of heads at the bottom of the park, and of course it's a touristForce: Juhter Peter

In the city, you can easily get to a very interesting place like Goethe and the museum there. It was probably superfluous to categorize a great woman because she left a literary and aesthetic animal for that time. Goethe-Houston, where he came alive in 1749 – "Daniel when he was twelve" – ​​is as simple as that. Above you can see the introduction of the Chaldeans.

If you are so proud of this place and there are always plenty of crowds at Crinie you can go to Frankfurt. Where in the neighborhood is now a major PSI-work, as the traditional plots of this romantic rendering museum continue. Don't be surprised if we make our big lady into pizza dust, or cover her out – we just can't get it right now.

Goethe Hall welcomes visitors to the museumForce: Juhter Peter

Let me highlight a moment about this trip. And it is – not too far from the traditional Old Town – one of the most famous public spaces in the Frankfurt Quarter, and in fact in the European financial world,Egluselage Park can save you a huge euro.

Needless to say, it is a favorite Fotoma. If photographed from the right angle, the central bank of the European Central Bank can go to the former court (Eurotower still has a large area, but has a new view). The creation of the euro in its "infancy" is not the only huge euro on the continent introduced in 2002 – such as a slight change from the Frankfurt repertoire – but it has a huge surplus in the center of money.

Big big ur, or signForce: Juhter Peter

Of course, Frankfurt has many things to look for, and it's worth keeping in mind that some great men can be easily accessible from here, who have no direct or direct access to Hungary. And just the city soon realized thatSetting up Frankfurt to the point of being a "banker" would be easy.Due to the bustle of the inner city, the Riverside Strait, due to modern rumors, which is consistent with the traditional quarters, I am sure there will be people who return to this place and the creek is frequented more often.

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