Tuesday , May 24 2022

A large DC ring has been built by China


The Beijing Winter Olympics is still far away, but Chinese has begun to increase global awareness: the wind power required for the World Event of 2022, of course, will be provided by the wind power through a world-class huge network system.

Electricity demand during the Beijing Winter Olympics, will be done by Joint Joint Infrastructure, which is now starting in China. However, the high-voltage, DC (HVCD) electricity grid in Zhangbai, has been built on the Beijing-Tiancinsin-Hope region, especially to transmit significant amounts of green energy produced in remote wind farms and specifically integrated solar and hydroelectric power plants in the transmission system. Has been designed to do.

HVDC With technology, at the least damage, a large amount of power can be reached for a long distance. The theory has long been known for the formation and development of VCS-HVDC systems established on VCS-HVDC system, which is in millennium with ABB, Alstom and Siemens. His common characteristic was that he had to plan a few ten megawatts and a few dozen kilometers away. Not only in China but also in the Chinese two-point design instead of the Chinese network structure which connects the four-station system to optimize the energy flow.

The unique network, which will be able to deliver 4500 MW of green energy after its creation, is being planned by the State Grid of China (SGCC). In addition to local companies, ABB is an expert in energy storage and mainly related network components. Swiss based MultiCur will supply key devices (Power Electronics Semiconductors, Transformer Units, High Voltage Capacitors, etc.) to the world's largest and most modern DC power source converter with a Hungarian subsidiary.

There is no news for the expected cost of the project.

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